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by Beau
11 Jul 2021, 14:02
Forum: Spotting Germany
Topic: Mönchengladbach (MGL/EDLN) 2021
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Re: Mönchengladbach (MGL/EDLN) 2021

[/quote] Also, there was what seemed to be the hulk of a bizjet half stuffed out of the newly built training centre hangar opposite the RAS hangars. Somehow I assumed it as being the TJ-ROA, but the colours of the cheatline don't match. [/quote] Robert, We saw the same fuselage a week ago (with a co...
by Beau
20 Mar 2021, 08:04
Forum: Amsterdam - Schiphol
Topic: EHAM 19-03-2021
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Re: EHAM 19-03-2021

Is the PK-GIG in use for the government, or flying for Garuda? Dit toestel moet nog naar de Indonesia Government gaan, maar bedraagt nu de retro colours Het ziet eruit als Retro kleuren maar is het niet. De cheatline zijn namelijk de kleuren van de Indonesische vlag. Vergelijk het maar met de PK-GI...
by Beau
07 Feb 2021, 09:21
Forum: Amsterdam - Schiphol
Topic: EHAM 07-02-2021
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Re: EHAM 07-02-2021

For the moment there are several aircraft waiting to be able to park at their respective gates. Lot's of aircraft in the holding and no landings or take-off's...
by Beau
11 Jan 2021, 16:31
Forum: Amsterdam - Schiphol
Topic: EHAM 11-01-2021
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Re: EHAM 11-01-2021

niekkie wrote: 11 Jan 2021, 12:16
YS11 wrote: 11 Jan 2021, 12:13 TF-AMA B747-400F SAUDIA,is in, f/v? ETD 1520
no 4th visit
this plane also arrived in 2020 on January 22
Yes and no, 'Yes' it flew for Saudia in 2020 and 'No' not in the full Saudia colours it has now. Back then it had a white fuselage and blue tail.

by Beau
23 Oct 2020, 17:16
Forum: Amsterdam - Schiphol
Topic: EHAM 23-10-2020
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Re: EHAM 23-10-2020

Next to Hangar 11 parked on M53 is Transavia B737-700 N732CE ex PH-XRV, aircraft is in full Transavia colours.

by Beau
08 Oct 2020, 18:43
Forum: Eindhoven
Topic: EHEH 08-10-2020 CIV
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Re: EHEH 08-10-2020 CIV

According to flightaware Korean Air Global Express HL8230 also landed a few minutes ago.

by Beau
06 Oct 2020, 22:12
Forum: Amsterdam - Schiphol
Topic: EHAM 06-10-2020
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Re: EHAM 06-10-2020

fokker74 wrote: 06 Oct 2020, 18:24 Looks like Bell412 OE-XWW just landed Op schiphol.
Its Falcon 7X OE-ISX iso Bell412 OE-XWW a mode s code mix up in one of the databases FR24 uses.

by Beau
05 Oct 2020, 08:43
Forum: Amsterdam - Schiphol
Topic: EHAM 05-10-2020
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Re: EHAM 05-10-2020

niekkie wrote: 04 Oct 2020, 12:27 0840-1130 American B788 N808AN
Is de N829AN geworden

by Beau
18 Sep 2020, 09:05
Forum: Amsterdam - Schiphol
Topic: EHAM 18-09-2020
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Re: EHAM 18-09-2020

De hierboven tussen het rijtje bizjets vermelde VP-BNK is ook een Rusline. Volgens FR24 staat deze machine op Sint Petersburg, weet alleen niet of de betreffende vlucht ook daarvandaan moet komen.

by Beau
12 Sep 2020, 10:46
Forum: Photography
Topic: Scramble 2020 website
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Re: Scramble 2020 website

by Beau
04 Sep 2020, 11:01
Forum: Amsterdam - Schiphol
Topic: EHAM 04-09-2020
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Re: EHAM 04-09-2020

Volgens Flightradar24 op de Garuda vlucht de PK-GIG. Volgens Airfleets staat deze nog stored since Maart 2020 in een retro c/s. Iemand een idee in welke kleurtjes hij nu vliegt? B.v.d. Gr. Andre. Nog steeds met 1969-1985 retro Livery Bron: Niet helemaal, toestel heeft een iets aan...
by Beau
26 Jun 2020, 09:00
Forum: Spotting Germany
Topic: Mönchengladbach (MGL/EDLN) 2020
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Re: Mönchengladbach (MGL/EDLN) 2020

Is it known where it ended up today?[/quote]

Pakistan Navy is on its way and can be followed on FR24:

Possible arrival today??

by Beau
01 Jun 2020, 23:18
Forum: Spotting Netherlands
Topic: Maastricht/Aachen (EHBK/MST) 2020 CIV
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Re: Maastricht/Aachen (EHBK/MST) 2020 CIV

Osprey66 wrote:30/5

Greetz from Little Doha!! :)

Recordbreaking 4 Qatar T7's (for freight) simultaneously on ground on a Dutch airport; I bet even Schiphol didn't happen to see this):
Nope indeed, I think the record was three T7s and a B748 in one shot parked in a row :D
by Beau
12 Apr 2020, 08:01
Forum: Woensdrecht
Topic: EHWO 10-04-2020
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Re: EHWO 10-04-2020

GoldenPlane wrote:Hi Beau!

Lauda A320 between the buildings; VP-CXZ (not the OE-LME according to my info!)
Croatian A319 between the buildings; 9A-CTN

Sata A320 in Hangar 4; CS-TKP

Lauda A320 at ‘the soundwall’; VP-CXY (this one should be the future OE-LME)

Thanks Jordy :D
by Beau
11 Apr 2020, 22:18
Forum: Woensdrecht
Topic: EHWO 10-04-2020
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EHWO 10-04-2020

Upon seeing the list of 09-04-2020 I decided to go and saw and read off the same aircraft as the day before, see also: As an addition to this list I also saw the LaudaMotion A320 parked between the buildings near the Croatia A319 which could well...