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by Sonny1
09 Apr 2010, 18:21
Forum: Leeuwarden
Topic: Frisian Flag 2010
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Re: Frisian Flag 2010

All platforms will be used: Z1, Z2, Z3 and the Northern platform. Heeft iemand genoteerd wat waar staat (welk platform)? Ik ben op zoek naar de Gripens en Noorse/Poolse F-16s. Wil dit weekend naar Leeuwarden, maar als deze op het platform staan voor de toren/of noordzijde (slecht zichtbaar van buit...
by Sonny1
03 Jul 2009, 01:40
Forum: Spotting Belgium & Luxembourg
Topic: Oostende (EBOS/OST) - 2009 MIL
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Re: Oostende (EBOS/OST) - 2009 MIL

perry dirkx wrote:serial tieups are now known:


Just back from Oostende and the above tie ups are indeed correct. Both could easily be seen from outside. Thanks all for the head-up, really appreciated!!
by Sonny1
23 Jan 2008, 15:53
Forum: Spotting Belgium & Luxembourg
Topic: Florennes (EBFS) - 2008
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Hi Crizz,

Good job, by checking those Mirage c/n's! Really appreciated! All five were new to me (as to the Scramble-DB). Keep up the good work! :good:


by Sonny1
14 Aug 2007, 20:59
Forum: Airshow news!
Topic: Kecskemét logs
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Saw on Monday (departure day) a Serb An-26 climbing out. Would be very happy if anyone could provide the serial!