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by Burry
11 Jun 2022, 13:19
Forum: Maastricht-Aachen
Topic: EHBK 11-06-2022 CIV
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Re: EHBK 11-06-2022 CIV

niekkie wrote: 11 Jun 2022, 12:14
mst wrote: 11 Jun 2022, 07:56 TC-MKE 737 MAX 8 ETA 1400LT. delivery flight
Expected around 1325
Just over Sittard. Full Belavia c/s
by Burry
10 Jun 2022, 10:11
Forum: Geilenkirchen
Topic: ETNG 10.06.2022
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ETNG 10.06.2022

An Eurofighter with callsign Hammer just made an approach. Turned over work in Heerlen
According ads-B hex-code 3EB821. Confirmation on the serial is appreciated.
by Burry
08 Jun 2022, 11:43
Forum: Geilenkirchen
Topic: ETNG 08.06.2022
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ETNG 08.06.2022

E7 13-003 Turkish AF just departed Geilenkirchen, turning over Sittard as flight TURAF42
Showing on ADS-B as TC-DTW, but hex-code belongs to 13-003.
by Burry
03 Jun 2022, 11:01
Forum: Geilenkirchen
Topic: ETNG 03.06.2022
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Re: ETNG 03.06.2022

Trabanti wrote: 03 Jun 2022, 10:41 Looks like a Hungarian AF Falcon is on its way as well?
yes, 606 just landed as well according ADS-B
Next in line SPAR88 01-0029 from Chievres as it looks on ADS-B
by Burry
03 Jun 2022, 10:20
Forum: Geilenkirchen
Topic: ETNG 03.06.2022
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ETNG 03.06.2022

PLF280 C295 014 currently inbound at GKE according ADS-B
Not sure of Slovak C27 1962 also landed this morning. It looked like heading GKE as well
by Burry
02 Jun 2022, 21:11
Forum: Messages from & to Scramble
Topic: Wanted: recent photos of US military aircraft
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Re: Wanted: recent photos of US military aircraft


maybe it is just my edition, but the checkmark box is not or hardly visible in this SMS Noth America
On the site previews, these are more clearly visible. I hope the next one has these checkmark boxes a lot more visible.
For the rest. Keep up the good job :D
by Burry
30 May 2022, 08:30
Forum: Volkel
Topic: EHVK 29-05-2022
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Re: EHVK 29-05-2022


does anyone know, which one was the reserve F16?
4 where seen over Sittard multiple times.
by Burry
24 May 2022, 13:37
Forum: Spotting Rest of Europe
Topic: Bordeaux-Merignac 2022
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Re: Bordeaux-Merignac 2022

Boswell wrote: 10 Mar 2022, 23:28 Seen today:

Also seen was a C-130H outside Sabena Tecnics. No national marks could be seen, it was a very dark grey/black c/scheme
On the tail were 2 letters, 1st letter 'C'
Under this were 3 numbers which we thought were '9.4'
Any offers??

Rgds Alan
could it be this one?
164994 CW-994 C-130T
by Burry
23 May 2022, 15:26
Forum: Spangdahlem
Topic: ETAD 23-05-2022
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Re: ETAD 23-05-2022

86-0020 C5M just left as RCH306 according ADS-B
by Burry
23 May 2022, 08:03
Forum: Maastricht-Aachen
Topic: EHBK 23-05-2022 CIV
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Re: EHBK 23-05-2022 CIV

niekkie wrote: 23 May 2022, 00:55 1420-1750 CXA B789 B-1566

From Teletekst
According Flightradar, B-7838 is expected
by Burry
19 May 2022, 12:54
Forum: Spotting Belgium & Luxembourg
Topic: Wie wat vliegt daar - BELGIUM 2022 MIL
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Re: Wie wat vliegt daar - BELGIUM 2022 MIL

now over Belgium, NZAF C130 NZ7003 according ADS-B
by Burry
11 May 2022, 14:58
Forum: Military Aviation News
Topic: Flight ASY974
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Flight ASY974


I saw this RAAF flight# trailing by south of the Netherlands. It turns out to be A319 VH-VCJ when I checked ADS-B
This A319 was delivered to Skytraders in 2012, but is is currently leased by the RAAF?
by Burry
06 May 2022, 15:29
Forum: Spotting Netherlands
Topic: Wie wat waar vliegt daar - 2022 MIL
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Re: Wie wat waar vliegt daar - 2022 MIL

Heads up, Ce560 166714 United States Marines is approaching from Northwest approaching the coast heading South-East according ADS-B

Planned for Dusseldorf according Dus.Info
by Burry
03 May 2022, 18:11
Forum: Spotting Netherlands
Topic: Wie wat waar vliegt daar 2022 - CIV
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Re: Wie wat waar vliegt daar 2022 - CIV

Just passing over Maastricht was Gulfstream 7Q-MAG. According ADS-B
Never saw any airplane from Malawi. So great surprise.
by Burry
11 Apr 2022, 15:27
Forum: Leeuwarden
Topic: EHLW 11-04-2022
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Re: EHLW 11-04-2022

Wijgert IJlst wrote: 11 Apr 2022, 14:50 Oh to bad. Thanks anyway.
I saw Jedi01 on Ads-B showing F-009 as one of the these over Brabant this afternoon. Other one not on the radar.