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by BlackBird
12 Sep 2007, 21:14
Forum: Aviation Photo Forum
Topic: EHGR 12-09-2007, THG KLu and German Bo-105P
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Very well done! Those are nice. I especially like the frontshot of the BO105.
by BlackBird
11 Sep 2007, 19:24
Forum: Aviation Photo Forum
Topic: EHEH 11-09-2007
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Indeed: nice visitors! Especially the Greek C130.
And about the pics: well done!
by BlackBird
10 Sep 2007, 15:37
Forum: Gilze-Rijen & GRAS
Topic: Spitfire door landingsgestel .......
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Pijnlijk om deze schitterende kist zo te zien...
by BlackBird
06 Sep 2007, 22:34
Forum: Spotting Netherlands
Topic: delivery "new" C-130H for the Klu
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In the latest edition of the 'de Vliegende Hollander' (monthly magazine of the RNLAF) is an article about the two 'new' C130's. They should be operational about autumn 2008. After that de two present C130-H30's will get an cockpit upgrade. The whole project should be finished juli 2009.
by BlackBird
09 Aug 2007, 15:04
Forum: Photography
Topic: f/4L versus f/2.8L
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Veel plezier in Hongarije. Ik (en meer schat ik zo) hoop je foto's snel op het forum te zien...
by BlackBird
09 Aug 2007, 12:24
Forum: Spotting Belgium & Luxembourg
Topic: Florennes (EBFS) - 2007
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According to the Florennes Aviation Society web site also 2 x Tornado AMI and 2 x F-16 AMI are expected to participate.
by BlackBird
20 Jul 2007, 16:49
Forum: Airshow news!
Topic: Kleine Brogel arrival/departure info
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If I'm right the USAF F-16's didn't come. There were put in the hold because of the landing of the participants of the high camao (?) and the VC10. Likely they couldn't bring up the patience because they decide to go home.
by BlackBird
16 May 2007, 16:29
Forum: Airshow news!
Topic: Geilenkirchen 16-17 June 2007
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Are the AWACS flying their normal operation flights during the open days?
Because I guess they are flying every day. Please correct me if I'm wrong. And if yes are they flying from their homebase or maybe from another base due to the activities on those days?
by BlackBird
02 Mar 2007, 19:10
Forum: Aviation Photos - Thematic & non-actual
Topic: topic: Cougar and Super Puma photo's
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A little bit off topic, but can somebody tell me where the mirrorsystem on the nose of this Swiss Cougar is being used for?
I can´t remember I saw this before.
by BlackBird
13 Apr 2006, 10:44
Forum: Rotterdam-The Hague
Topic: 'Lifeliner' reports, all here/hier plaatsen
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Zojuist de ADAC heli (D-HHIT) over Barendrecht.
Geen melding op P2000, misschien op terugweg naar Aken?