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by r.e.hendriks
07 Jul 2021, 18:43
Forum: Aviation Photo Forum
Topic: Woensdrecht 07/07/2021 Tanzania F50
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Re: Woensdrecht 07/07/2021 Tanzania F50

Your photo title says "Government of Tanzania", which was the case two years ago.
Now it belongs to Air Tanzania, so 100% civil.
by r.e.hendriks
17 May 2021, 12:24
Forum: Eindhoven
Topic: EHEH 17-05-2021 MIL
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Re: EHEH 17-05-2021 MIL

It was a single ship. So AAC445 still ar Eindhoven.

By the way, ZJ195 is not correct. Same as on their way to Eindhoven. Most probably the ZJ198.
by r.e.hendriks
06 May 2021, 19:55
Forum: Volkel
Topic: EHVK 06-05-2021 MIL
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Re: EHVK 06-05-2021 MIL

NAF313a J-021 312sq
NAF313b J-011 312sq
NAF313c J-512 312sq
NAF313d J-515 312sq
NAF625a J-516 313sq
NAF625b J-063 312sq
NAF317a J-008 312sq
NAF317b J-641 313sq (spec badge)
NAF317c J-003 313sq

Besg regards Rob
by r.e.hendriks
06 May 2021, 19:45
Forum: Messages from & to Scramble
Topic: Verlengen abonnement
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Re: Verlengen abonnement

Inderdaad, ga niet over op volledig digitaal!!

Dit leest heerlijk weg... digitale magazines kijk ik amper in, en lezen al helemaal niet.

De overgang op volledig digitaal zou voor mij een reden zijn om na 30 jaar lidmaatschap op te zeggen.

by r.e.hendriks
26 Apr 2021, 18:49
Forum: Geilenkirchen
Topic: ETNG Mon 26-04-21
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Re: ETNG Mon 26-04-21

Anyone got the callsign?
by r.e.hendriks
14 Apr 2021, 17:53
Forum: Gilze-Rijen & GRAS
Topic: EHGR 14-04-2021
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Re: EHGR 14-04-2021

Anyone any idea what was all parked at the 298sq ramp?

Besides the D-666, A-261, R-137, I saw an Harvard, Alouette II and Bö-105 ??
by r.e.hendriks
12 Apr 2021, 16:54
Forum: Amsterdam - Schiphol
Topic: EHAM 13-04-2021 MIL
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Re: EHAM 13-04-2021 MIL

Royaljordanian wrote: 12 Apr 2021, 16:42 Hello
1410-xxxx P180 MM62246
According the serial this should be a Carabinieri P180.
by r.e.hendriks
11 Apr 2021, 11:18
Forum: Vintage, warbirds and wrecks & relics
Topic: LONG SHOT: Nis-Konstantin Veliki W&R 2017
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LONG SHOT: Nis-Konstantin Veliki W&R 2017

Hi all, Here is a long shot.... Back in 2017 we visited Nis-Konstantin Veliki Airbase to catch our flight back home. From the civil side we noted some stored Gazelles, a An-2 and two J-1 Jastrebs. Stored near military apron: 70371 An-2TD (T-71) nn Serbian AF without engine 12651 SA.341H (HO-42) nn S...
by r.e.hendriks
17 Mar 2021, 13:18
Forum: Leeuwarden
Topic: Old request: Frisian Flag 2014
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Re: Old request: Frisian Flag 2014

Maybe this helps... My log of: Friday 4 april 2014, Leeuwarden [EHLW] (NL) Parked / Flying from ramp North: FA-72 F-16AM nm BAC Igor01 / Bow05 FA-91 F-16AM nm BAC didn’t fly FA-121 F-16AM nm BAC Igor02 / AM only FA-127 F-16AM nm BAC Igor03 / AM only FA-133 F-16AM nm BAC Igor04 / Bow06 E-008 F-16AM E...
by r.e.hendriks
14 Mar 2021, 23:09
Forum: Spotting Netherlands
Topic: Wie wat waar vliegt daar - 2021 MIL
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Re: Wie wat waar vliegt daar - 2021 MIL

Currently over the Netherlands EEF44, the Estonian AF M28. Anyone any idea where it is heading to?

Looks like Brussels on this heading...
by r.e.hendriks
07 Mar 2021, 19:18
Forum: Amsterdam - Schiphol
Topic: EHAM 07-03-2021
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Re: EHAM 07-03-2021

leonard van T wrote: 07 Mar 2021, 16:24 Serial confirmed over Huizen as HZ-MF7

It this parked inside H12 now? Just like the 8 last week...

Rgds Rob
by r.e.hendriks
27 Feb 2021, 17:16
Forum: Amsterdam - Schiphol
Topic: Inside the Hangars at Schiphol Airport 2021
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Re: Inside the Hangars at Schiphol Airport 2021

H12 HZ-MF8 B787-8 SAUDI GVT F-GZHU B737-800 TRANSAVIA (France) Hi all, When I drove by this afternoon the doors of H12 were opened which made it easier to look through the windows from the road south of the hangar. I was able to see one large Boeing, and looking at the engines I’m pretty sure it wa...
by r.e.hendriks
26 Feb 2021, 19:43
Forum: Amsterdam - Schiphol
Topic: Inside the Hangars at Schiphol Airport 2021
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REQ: Saudi Gvmt B787

Hi all,

Can anyone confirm the Saudi Gvmt 787 is still parked inside hangar 11/12? Or is it already parked outside?

It is due to depart next monday.

Best regards Rob