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Updated: 2021-05-03 19:25:00

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Construction nr / Line nr 22367/706
Airframe status Permanently WFU
Remarks Permanently WFU at Santiago de Chile.
Reg Type Operator Date Remarks
JA8467 B737-2Q3 SWAL - Southwest Air Lines 13 Nov 1980
JA8467 B737-2Q3 Japan TransOcean Air 1 Jul 1993
PP-... B737-2Q3 VASP - Viaçao Aérea Sao Paulo 1298R NTU
N763AA B737-2Q3 First Security Bank 16 Apr 1999
VP-BBO B737-2Q3 Falcon Aviation Management Ltd 20 Oct 1999
VP-BBO B737-2Q3 LAN Peru - Línea Aérea Nacional de Peru Nov 1999 WFU 12dec00
CC-CVI B737-2Q3 LAN Chile - Línea Aérea Nacional de Chile Feb 2002
CC-CVI B737-2Q3 LAN Airlines 17 Jun 2004
N763AA B737-2Q3 Wells Fargo Bank 6 Feb 2008
CC-CVI B737-2Q3 SKY Airline 5 Mar 2010 WFU jul13
CC-CVI B737-2Q3 ADA AeroDesierto Oct 2014 WFU 15jul15
CC-CVI B737-2Q3 Chilean Airways 22 Jun 2016
CC-CVI B737-2Q3 ADA AeroDesierto 7 Oct 2017
CC-CVI B737-2Q3 United Nations 25 Nov 2017 opb ADA AeroDesierto
CC-CVI B737-2Q3 ADA AeroDesierto 25 Nov 2017 opf United Nations
CC-CVI B737-2Q3 ADA AeroDesierto ? Wfu

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