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Beech Beech 99 Airliner/Commuter & 1900

Updated: 2021-05-03 19:25:00

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Construction nr / Line nr UE-182
Airframe status Operational
Reg Type Operator Date Remarks
N182YV Beech 1900D USAir Express 19 Nov 1995 opb Air Midwest
N182YV Beech 1900D Air Midwest 19 Nov 1995 opf USAir Express
N182YV Beech 1900D US Airways Express 27 Feb 1997 opb Air Midwest
N182YV Beech 1900D Air Midwest 27 Feb 1997 opf US Airways Express
N182YV Beech 1900D Big Sky Airlines 24 Mar 2005 Wfu mar08
N182YV Beech 1900D Raytheon Aircraft Credit Corp. 16 May 2008
N182YV Beech 1900D Great Lakes Airlines 2 Feb 2009
N182YV Beech 1900D Specialized Aircraft Services Inc. 3 Jan 2012 Canx. 08mar12
ZS-CEM Beech 1900D CemAir 14 Mar 2012
ZS-CEM Beech 1900D Air Ylang <0718 lsf CemAir
ZS-CEM Beech 1900D CemAir <0718 lst Air Ylang
ZS-CEM Beech 1900D CemAir <1118

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