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Cessna Cessna 208/208B, 400 series & 620

Updated: 2021-05-04 22:52:00

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Construction nr / Line nr 208B-2057
Airframe status Operational
Reg Type Operator Date Remarks
OB-1903-T Cessna 208B ATSA - Aero Transporte Dec 2008
OB-1903-P Cessna 208B ATSA - Aero Transporte Feb 2009
N2057 Cessna 208B Aviation Marketing Group Inc. Jan 2014
N2057 Cessna 208B Aviation Business Management Inc. Apr 2014
N2057 Cessna 208B TITAB LLC Jun 2014
N2057 Cessna 208B Island Airlines Jul 2014
N2057 Cessna 208B Rangeflyers Inc. Jan 2018
ZK-SDC Cessna 208B Great Barrier Airlines Jan 2018

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