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Rockwell (Aero Commander) Twin Commander series (models 500 to 695)

15673 records found

Updated: 2020-10-25 23:36:00

Reg Type CN/LN Operator Date Remarks
NN3835C RC500 500-724-53 ?
N6281B RC500 500-667-22 ?
N2755B RC560A 560A-255-23 ?
N6267B RC500 500-662-20 ?
N6253B RC500 500-659-18 ?
N6210B RC560E 560E-646-45 ?
N2760B RC560A 560A-260-28 Patrick Flying Service LLC 15 Nov 2002
N6222B RC560E 560E-628-42 ?
N6217B RC500 500-618-1 ?
N2762B RC560A 560A-262-30 Virginia L. Hale 10 Oct 1984
N2764B RC560A 560A-264-32 Roger A. Yeater 22 Jul 1998
N2682B RC560E 560E-602-36 ?
N2765B RC560A 560A-265-33 ?
N2768B RC560A 560A-268-36 ?
N6215B RC560E 560E-592-33
N2753B RC560A 560A-253-21
N6260B RC500 500-670-23 ?
N6254B RC560E 560E-680-47 Harry F. Thompson 3 Dec 1993
N2731B RC560A 560A-231 ?
N2732B RC560A 560A-232 Michael R. Michetti 18 Jul 2000
N2735B VL-26B 560A-235 Aero Design & Engineering Co. not taken up
N3828C RC500 500-720-51
N6292B RC500 500-712-48
N3846C RC560E 560E-709-49 12 Jan 1959
N2737B RC560A 560A-237
N3841C RC500 500-707-47 N3840C Inc 16 May 2001
N2738B RC560A 560A-238 L. Robert Kimball 11 Aug 1973
N3824C RC500 500-697-40 ?
N2745B RC560A 560A-245-13 ?
N6278B RC500 500-692-37 ?
N2746B RC560A 560A-246-14
N6291B RC500 500-683-31 Aircenter Inc 30 Jan 1997
N2774B RC560A 560A-274-42 Janos Lakatos I 20 Aug 1997
N6229D RC560E 560E-578-26 ?
N2790B RC560A 560A-290-57 ?
N2750B RC560A 560A-410-95 W. Farallon Group Ltd 25 Aug 1997
N2792B RC560A 560A-292-59
N2735B RC560A 560A-406-94 ?
N2741B RC560A 560A-398-92 ?
N2794B RC560A 560A-294-61
N2797B RC560A 560A-297-63 Superstition Air Service Inc 21 Mar 1980
N2705B RC560A 560A-390-90 ?
N4111B RC560A 560A-304-67 ?
N2653B RC560A 560A-370-85
N47UP RC560A 560A-309-72 ?
N2650B RC560A 560A-366-84 ?
N2646B RC560A 560A-354-81 ?
N2643B RC560A 560A-312-74 ?
N104LD RC560A 560A-289-56 Spectrum Surety Associates Inc
N2787B RC560A 560A-287-55 Edward L. Adams 5 Jan 1994

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