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Beech 99 & 1900

8 records found

Updated: 2021-06-17 20:59:00

Reg Type CN/LN Operator Date Remarks
C-FVKC Beech 1900D UE-160 Athabaska Airways 31 Aug 1995
C-FVJU Beech 1900D UE-156 Athabaska Airways 10 Aug 1995
C-GDHF Beech 1900D UE-339 Athabaska Airways 15 Jan 1999
C-GAAF Beech 1900C-1 UC-136 Athabaska Airways 25 Jan 1991
C-GDHE Beech 1900D UE-336 Athabaska Airways 22 Dec 1998
C-FCMV Beech 1900C-1 UC-31 Athabaska Airways 21 May 1992
N1568W Beech 1900C-1 UC-64 Athabaska Airways Sep 1998
N14ZR Beech 1900C UB-14 Athabaska Airways Mar 1995

Beech Queen/King Air & Starship

1 record found

Updated: 2021-06-21 11:31:00

Reg Type CN/LN Operator Date Remarks
C-GQDD Beech B90 LJ-328 Athabaska Airways Feb 1979

de Havilland Canada DHC-6 Twin Otter

5 records found

Updated: 2021-06-10 21:15:00

Reg Type CN/LN Operator Date Remarks
CF-WGE DHC-6-100 58 Athabaska Airways 31 Dec 1968
C-FSCA DHC-6-100 17 Athabaska Airways Jun 1978
C-FWGE DHC-6-100 58 Athabaska Airways 1978
C-FPGE DHC-6-200 197 Athabaska Airways 10 Jul 1992
C-FCHE DHC-6-200 162 Athabaska Airways Jan 1973

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