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Comandante Espora 1996

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Date: 18 May 1996

Made by:

Updated: 30 November 2003

TC-69                 KC-130H      1GTA/I Esc.
E-803                 IA63         G4C/II Esc.
H-40, H-44            H369D        VIIBA/II Esc.
AE-030, AE-037        OV-1D        EAER601
AE-224                CeT207A      V Brigada/EA
AE-178                SA226T       EAAG603
AE-432                UH-1H        EAEA602
0751/3-A-201          S.Etendard   EA32
0724/1-A-406          T-34C-1      EAN
0733/1-A-415          T-34C-1      EAN
0686/1-G-2            PC-6B/H2     EA41
0681/3-H-109          SA316B       EAH1
0704/2-AS-25          S-2E         EA2S       	stored
  - /3-H-303          AS555SN      EAH1         5587
  - /3-H-304          AS555SN      EAH1         5589
LQ-IHZ                Ce182Q       Policia BA
0662/3-A-309          A-4Q         Museum
0510/2-G-52           S-2A         Museum
0511/2-G-51           S-2A         Museum
0768/4-A-117          MB339AA      Museum
0462/2-A-304          SNJ-5C       Museum, ex BuNo 90662
0708/2-P-112          SP-2H        Museum

0752/3-A-202          S.Etendard   EA32
0756/3-A-206          S.Etendard   EA32
0761/3-A-211          S.Etendard   EA32
0642/3-H-102          SE3160       EAH1
0737/3-H-112          SA316B       EAH1/Museum
0703/2-AS-24          S-2UP        EA2S
"0678"/2-H-238        ASH-3D       EAH2
0797/2-H-239          ASH-3D       EAH2
(0391/121928)         F4U-5        Museum
0371/4-H-12           UH-19C       Museum

Closed hangar:
0425/3-A-113          F9F-2        Museo
0516/3-A-151          F9F-8T       Museo
(0624)/1-A-250        T-28P        Museo  ex 51-3795
0735/3-H-142          Lynx Mk23    wreck
0678/2-H-234          S-61-4       EAH2
..                    SA316B       EAH1
..                    TA-4B        US Navy nose only

0753/3-A-203          S.Etendard   EA32
0758/3-A-208          S.Etendard   EA32
0764/3-A-214          S.Etendard   EA32
(0782)/4-A-137        EMB326GB     EA41
(0783)/4-A-102        EMB326GB     EA41
0692/6-P-106          Electr¢n     EA6P
0702/2-AS-23          S-2UP        EA2S
0696/2-H-235          S-61D-4      EAH2
0736/3-H-111          SA316B       EAH1
0739/3-H-115          SA316B       EAH1
  - /3-H-301          AS555SN      EAH1         5556
C-415                 Dagger A     G6C/I Esc. 	(Saturday in static)
I-007                 Mirage IIIEA G6C/II Esc.	(Saturday in static)
AE-336                A109A        EAEA602    	(Saturday in static)

(0744)/4-F-43         Beech 200             	may 19th

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