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Comandante Espora 2007

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Date: 28 May 2007

Made by:


0655/3-A-302 		A-4Q 		Mus. de Aviac. Naval
0797/2-H-239            ASH-3H 		EA2H                
0864/3-H-132            AS555SN 	EA1H                
0745/4-F-23 	        Beech 200 	4 EA                
0748/6-P-47             Beech 200M+ 	EA6V                
0776/4-A-132 	        EMB326GC 	EA41                
0741/5-T-20 	        F28-3000C 	EA52                
0879/3-H-307 	        UH-1H 		EA3H                
0768/4-A-117 	        MB339AA 	Mus. de Aviac. Naval
0869/6-P-53 	        P-3B 		EA6E                
0642/3-H-102 	        SA316B 		EA1H                
0702/2-AS-23            S-2UP 		EA2S                
0752/3-A-202            Sup.Etendard 	EA32                
0764/2-A-214            Sup.Etendard 	EA32                
0723/1-A-405            T-34C 		ESAN                
E-106, E-129            EMB312A 	EAM                 
AE-452 		        UH-1H 		GHA601              

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