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Cordoba 2014

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Cordoba AB Presentation of Tucano and G120TP-A
Date: 21-8-2014
PG-451 AB180RVR EAM  
V-05 G-103 Twin Astir EAM  
EMB312A of EAM:
E-102, E-104, E-108, E-110, E-113, E-114, E-122
C-920, C-925 A-4AR G5C  
E-502, E-504 G120TP-A EAM  
E-128, E-130 EMB312A EAM  
PG-379 CeA182N (FMA) II BA  
PG-461 PA-25-260 FAdeA  
TC-52 F-28-1000C I BA  
V-07 G-103 Twin Astir EAM  
VR-24 Lj-35A II BA  
A-524, A-585 IA-58D G3A  
E-806, E-816 IA-63 Pampa II G4C  
PG-346 CeA182J (FMA) V BA  
PG-374 CeA182N (FMA) III BA  
PG-375 CeA182N (FMA) IV BA  
PG-441, PG-450 PA-A28-236 INAC Morón  


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