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Rio Cuarto 2014

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Rio Cuarto 70° Anniversario del AMACUAR
Date: 15-17 August 2014
C-222 A-4P preserved  
C-917 A-4AR o/h AMACUAR (G5C)  
C-927 A-4AR o/h AMACUAR (G5C) white c/s
H-89 Bell 212 GA7  
TC-69 C-130H G1TA  
PG-394 Ce180 CEV  
PG-364 CeA182K AMACUAR  
PG-377 CeA182N INAC  
PG-379 CeA182N II BA  
T-82 DHC-6-200 GA9  
E-110, E-114 EMB312A EAM  
TC-79 F27-400M GA9 old c/s
(C-411) IAI M5 Finger o/h AMACUAR (G6C)  
EX-03 IA-63 Pampa III FAdeA  
VR-24 Lj35A II BA  
H-95 Mi-171E GA7 rd/bl/wh c/s
C-717 Mirage 3CJ i/a AMACUAR yellow c/s
PG-461 PA-25-260 FAdeA  
T-133 RC500U VI BA  
T-34 Saab 340B IX BA  
AC-101, AC-103, AC-104 Su-29AR stored AMACUAR  
C-427 IAI M5 Dagger i/a  
(C-633) M5 Mara preserved  
C-708/’C-418’ Mirage 3CJ preserved  
E-220 MS760A i/a  
(T-134) RC500U i/a  

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