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Albion Park (Illawara Reg airport) 2012

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Albion Park (Illawara Reg airport) Wings over Illawara
Date: 6 May 2012
A84-502 Canberra T4 RAAF, pres. HARS  
A89-281 P2V-7 RAAF, pres. HARS  
A94-901 CA27 Sabre RAAF, pres. HARS  
A97-441 C-130J 37sqn  
N24-008/77 S-70B-2 816sqn  
VH-EAF C-47B ex A65-94  
VH-EAY C-54E pres. HRAS, ex 44-9126  
VH-FRH Hunter FR74A ex Singapore 503  
VH-LRR P2V-7 pres HARS, ex France 147566  
VH-OFS N1002 as Lw Bf108 “2”(y), ex Fr.285  
VH-PBZ PBY-2B-2 A24-362 “OX-V”  
VH-VBB DHC4 pres HARS, ex A4-234  
VH-WFY L-39C ex Czech 0742?  
VH-YYN PC-7 pres. HARS, ex Swiss A-834  
816 TS-11 PWL, pres. HARS  
51-2898 O-1A USAr, pres. HARS  
51-12472 L-19A USAr, pres. HARS  
76-22592 AH-1P USAr, pres. HARS  
52-8569 Harvard MkIV Lw (under restoration)  
A79-637 VampireMk35 under restoration  
A79-665 VampireMk35 under restoration  
N12-152812 S-2G RAN, pres. HARS  
VH-BYV Auster J5 A11-300/856-NW RAN  
VH-DHV DH82 A17-394  
VH-EAE C-47B A65-95  
VH-EAG C-121C pres. HARS (ex 54-0157)  
A32-439 Be350 38sqn  
VH-AGJ CA18 Mustang A68-118  
VH-AZD A-37B (68-10807) SVNAF mks  
VH-BFF CA16 Wirraway A20-653/BF-F  
VH-DHM DHA-3 Drover private  
VH-EAD CA25-35 A85-435  
VH-HOY Hudson III as “A16-211” (=A16-112)  
VH-IOY P2V-7 A89-273  
VH-LHN S-76 RAAF Roulettes  
VH-MBX Meteor F8 as “A77-851” (ex VZ467)  
VH-MCC DHC1A private  
VH-MML TBM6 53857/441  
VH-NVV UH-1C N9-3104/898 RAN  
VH-PEM Harvard IIA NZ1061 (RNZAF)  
VH-PHM EC135 NSW Police Force  
VH-VBA DHC4 A4-210  
VH-WWY CA3 Wirraway as “A20-176” (=A20-81)  
VH-XAN SNJ-5 (C.6-163) Spanish AF mks  
VH-SYS DHC2 private  
VH-ZOC P-40N as “GA-Q” (=NZ3125 RNZAF)  
VH-ZVZ Vampire T11 RRAF-119 (Rhodesian AF)  
PC-9/A of the CFS/Roulettes:
A23-046, A23-052, A23-057, A23-058, A23-059, A23-060
Every year, the Historic Aircraft Restoration Society (HARS) organises the Wings over Illawara event. A great day on which you really get to appreciate the work
done by all these volunteers to restore warbirds in pristine flying condition. Aircraft were regularly pulled from the static or hangars to the flightline for flying display and
returned to static/hangars afterwards.


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