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Amberley 2008

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Date: 4/5 October 2008

Made by:


287 			AS332M 		126 sq
666 			F-16D 		145 sq
57-2603 		KC-135R 	452nd ARW
82-0012/ZZ, 83-0039/ZZ 	F-15C 		44th FS
88-0195 		MC-130H 	1st SOS
A8-148 			F-111C 		6 SQ
A8-272 			F-111G 		wfu
A8-274 			F-111G 		pres special mks
A17-001, A17-037 	Bell 206B-1 	SoAA
A21-7 			F/A-18A 	77 sq
A25-202 		S-70A-9 	SoAA
A27-30 			HawkMk127LIF	76 sq
A32-426 		Beech 350 	173 sq
A38-006                 Tigre ARH 	SoAA  
A41-209                 C-17A 		36 sq     
A84-125                 Canberra T21 	std
A97-008                 C-130H 		37 sq    
A97-449                 C-130J 		37 sq    
N22-023/823 		AS350B 		723 sq
N24-006/75 		S-70B-2 	816 sq
N42-510/510 		A109E 		723 sq
VH-EAF 			C-47B 		ex RAAF A65-94       
VH-EAG                  C-121C 		ex USAF 54-0157     
VH-IOY                  P2V-7 		ex RAAF A89-273      
VH-MBX                  Meteor F8 	ex RAAF A77-851  
VH-OII                  O-2A 		ex USAF 67-21407      
VH-TRO                  T-28D 		ex PhilAF 13722      
VH-VAM                  Vampire T35 	ex RAAF A79-617
VH-YRO                  Yak-52 		ex Russia 9111605   
VH-ZSQ ‘A84-234’ 	Canberra TT18 	ex RAF WJ680

The Roulettes with their PC-9/As:
A23-027, A23-058, A23-059, A23-061
A23-063, A23-066, A23-067

BAe Systems with their four CT-4B Airtrainers:
VH-YCH, VH-YCK, VH-YCR (ex NZ1941), VH-YCX (ex

Warbird Flightlines:
A84-203 		Canberra T21 	pres/dump
VH-CZB 			DH94 		ex A21-42
VH-LHN 			S-76A 		RAAF Rescue
VH-MFT ‘A68-769’ 	Mustang Mk21 	ex A8-110
VH-SOB 			CA-25 		ex A85-422/22
A9-657/57 		AP-3C 		11sq
229/KR 			KR.03A (glider) Puchatek AAFC
VH-FTI 			PA-38-112	Tomahawk AAFC
VH-VVS 			Yak-52
VH-YGH 			Yak-52 		c/n 0212403
Note: AAFC = Australian Air Force Cadets

Base Museum:
42-86786 		A-20G 		pres
A84-242 		Canberra Mk20 	pres
A94-962 		CA-27 Mk32 	pres
Plus an unidentified DC-3 which supposedly is an ex RAF aircraft.

Big Boeing Hangar:
A30-004, A30-005 	B737-73ES 	Boeing
A30-006 		B737-73ES 	Boeing
The serials were confirmed by Boeing personnel. The A30-004
still had its line number 1885 in the tail.

Hangar 255:
A8-131 			F-111C 		1sq

Hangar 279:
A8-113 			F-111C 		6sq

Hangar 277:
A8-109 			F-111C 		1sq

Hangar 280:
A8-143 			RF-111C 	1sq

Hangar 410:
A8-130 			F-111C 		nn
This aircraft was under repair.

662 			F-16D 		145sq
A8-112, A8-134 		F-111C 		6sq
A8-135 			F-111C 		1sq
A8-138, A8-140 		F-111C 		6sq
A8-144, A8-145 		F-111C 		6sq
A8-147 			F-111C 		1sq &
A8-126 			RF-111C 	1sq $
A21-8	 		F/A-18A 	75sq
A21-11	 		F/A-18A 	3sq
A21-55	 		F/A-18A 	3sq
A21-57	 		F/A-18A 	3sq
A21-46 +1 		F/A-18A 	77sq
A27-31	 		Hawk Mk127LIF	76 Sqn
A27-32	 		Hawk Mk127LIF	79 Sqn
N22-013/860 		AS350B 		723sq
N22-018/865 		AS350B 		723sq
$: Aircraft flew on Saturday and Sunday PM
&: Aircraft flew on Saturday and Sunday AM

Far North End:
05-5148/HH 		C-17A 		535th AS
A41-206 		C-17A 		36sq
A97-009 		C-130H 		37sq
Plus a line with unidentified wfu F-111Gs.

Fire School:
A7-063 			MB-326H 	i/a
The tail fin of this aircraft was originally installed on A7-028.

A3-55 			Mirage 3O 	pres
A8-506 			F-111G 		wfu
A84-201 		Canberra T21 	pres
VH-KOY 			Hudson Mk4A 	Temora Av. Museum
VH-SLJ 			Lj36 		Pel-Air/RAN Supp. Flt.
VH-SQD 			Lj45 		Singapore Fly.College

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