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Avalon 1997

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Date: 18 - 22 February 1997

Made by:


Tuesday 18 Februay: 
Serial:    C/n:         Type:                Unit: 
165362                  AH-1W SEA COBRA      U.S.M.C. SM/327. 
95-0103                 C-17A GLOBEMASTER    U.S.A.F. 
90-0802                 F-16C FALCON         U.S.A.F. CODED WW. 
90-0820                 F-16C FALCON         U.S.A.F. CODED WW. 
64-14835                KC-135R              U.S.A.F. YOUNG TIGER. 
PK-XNT                  IPTN CN-235-220      R.M.A.F. 
VH-YAC     502-0116     AIR TRACTOR          PRIVATE 
VH-LIM     007          AT-802 AIRTRACTOR    PRIVATE 
VH-KCR     3362         AUSTER ALPHA         PRIVATE 
VH-MUU     1304         AVIAT A-1 HUSKY      PRIVATE 
VH-NFZ     G10-129DC    AYRES S-2R           PRIVATE 
VH-LAW     258295       BAE 125              PRIVATE 
N10436     BB-1536      BEECH 200            PRIVATE 
VH-KJD     FL125        BEECH 300            PRIVATE 
VH-DYT     CD-1099      BEECH 35             PRIVATE 
VH-LLT     CD-1251      BEECH 35             PRIVATE 
VH-EOJ     CD-882       BEECH 35             PRIVATE 
VH-XPJ     CE-1425      BEECH 35             PRIVATE 
VH-MLB     TH-1675      BEECH 58             PRIVATE 
VH-SFC     TH-824       BEECH 58             PRIVATE 
VH-JWW     ME-389       BEECH 76             PRIVATE 
VH-HZD     ME-48        BEECH 76             PRIVATE 
VH-BTB     TC-1899      BEECH 95             PRIVATE 
VH-CSK     TC-2079      BEECH 95             PRIVATE 
VH-MPB     TE-430       BEECH 95             PRIVATE 
VH-DRY     M-1066       BEECH A23            PRIVATE 
VH-FWU     MA-294       BEECH A23            PRIVATE 
VH-FWD     M-1079       BEECH A23A           PRIVATE 
VH-EUB     E-251        BEECH A36            PRIVATE 
VH-IHP     M-1579       BEECH C23            PRIVATE 
VH-BET     M-2072       BEECH C23            PRIVATE 
VH-IHS     TE-581       BEECH D55            PRIVATE 
VH-JYT     TE-1051      BEECH E55            PRIVATE 
VH-XBW     CE-1486      BEECH F33            PRIVATE 
VH-WOK     3072         BELL 206             PRIVATE 
VH-KHK     4349         BELL 206             PRIVATE 
VH-BLL     45174        BELL 206             PRIVATE 
VH-JOY     8025         BELL 206             PRIVATE 
VH-SFO     258-77       BELLANCA SCOUT       PRIVATE 
VH-PWS     75-7462      BOEING PT-17 KAYDET  PRIVATE 41-07858. 
VH-FTS     A85-439      CA-25 WINJEEL        PRIVATE A85-439. 
VH-WWY     79           CAC CA-3 WIRRAWAY    PRIVATE "A20-176" REALLY A20-81. 
VH-JSE     61010        CESSNA 150E          PRIVATE 
VH-BUH     76718        CESSNA 150M          PRIVATE 
VH-UNX     83130        CESSNA 152           PRIVATE 
VH-NAJ     84390        CESSNA 152           PRIVATE 
VH-BQS     50461        CESSNA 172D          PRIVATE 
VH-DLE     51671        CESSNA 172E          PRIVATE 
VH-KWQ     55092        CESSNA 172H          PRIVATE 
VH-RLK     55430        CESSNA 172H          PRIVATE 
VH-RXG     60787        CESSNA 172M          PRIVATE 
VH-BFZ     61386        CESSNA 172M          PRIVATE 
VH-RQC     61534        CESSNA 172M          PRIVATE 
VH-RDN     61630        CESSNA 172M          PRIVATE 
VH-STH     61970        CESSNA 172M          PRIVATE 
VH-DWO     64022        CESSNA 172M          PRIVATE 
VH-KMH     70390        CESSNA 172N          PRIVATE 
VH-TBL     73512        CESSNA 172N          PRIVATE 
VH-TSC     74614        CESSNA 172P          PRIVATE 
VH-NMN     80005        CESSNA 172R          PRIVATE 
VH-MVE     0082         CESSNA 172RG         PRIVATE 
VH-NDM     0569         CESSNA 172RG         PRIVATE 
VH-DZG     00110        CESSNA 177           PRIVATE 
VH-DSA     00460        CESSNA 177           PRIVATE 
VH-RGC     32450        CESSNA 180           PRIVATE 
VH-PLC     56544        CESSNA 182           PRIVATE 
VH-MNB     52615        CESSNA 182C          PRIVATE 
VH-TCV     63487        CESSNA 182P          PRIVATE 
VH-THC     64301        CESSNA 182P          PRIVATE 
VH-WEW     65883        CESSNA 182Q          PRIVATE 
VH-CGH     66015        CESSNA 182Q          PRIVATE 
VH-AUJ     01798        CESSNA 182RG         PRIVATE 
VH-SHW     0457         CESSNA 208B          PRIVATE 
VH-LMD     00217        CESSNA 208FP         PRIVATE 
VH-TCI     60548        CESSNA 210L          PRIVATE 
VH-TKQ     62878        CESSNA 210M          PRIVATE 
VH-HWV     00964        CESSNA 310L          PRIVATE 
VH-MPZ     0551         CESSNA 310R          PRIVATE 
VH-ROX     0123         CESSNA 402A          PRIVATE 
VH-IJQ     0174         CESSNA 441           PRIVATE 
VH-TZC     57188        CESSNA P172D         PRIVATE 
VH-AVJ     2820         CESSNA R172K         PRIVATE 
VH-HSM     3196         CESSNA R172K         PRIVATE 
VH-NCG     60472        CESSNA T210L         PRIVATE 
VH-STX     03681        CESSNA U206G         PRIVATE 
N754CX     750-0004     CITATION             PRIVATE 
C-FZAN     7153         CL-600 REGIONAL JET  PRIVATE 
VH-AOF     70           CT-4A AIRTRAINER     PRIVATE A19-070. 
VH-APV     74           CT-4A AIRTRAINER     PRIVATE A19-074. 
VH-ABD     10100        DA-20 KATANA         PRIVATE 
VH-EIE     R251         DH82 TIGER MOTH      PRIVATE 
VH-OTA     090          DHC6 TWIN OTTER      PRIVATE 
VH-FPO     0002         EAGLE XTS            PRIVATE 
VH-FPW     005          EAGLE XTS            PRIVATE 
VH-ENB     2079         ENSTROM 280FX SHARK  PRIVATE 
VH-LIX     53278        FIAT G-59            PRIVATE 
VH-FJA     11           FUJI                 PRIVATE 
VH-FJJ     19           FUJI                 PRIVATE 
VH-ZGI                  GA-8 AIRVAN          PRIVATE 
VH-ATO     108          GAF NOMAD            PRIVATE 
VH-KIX     W128         GLASAIR              PRIVATE 
VH-ZTH     82075/C2     GROB G115            PRIVATE 
VH-AYX     82007/D      GROB G115D           PRIVATE 
VH-SZG     0678         GRUMMAN AA-1B        PRIVATE 
N101HC     1245         GULFSTREAM 4         PRIVATE 
DQ-FHF     0047         HARBIN Y-12          AIR FIJI 
VH-JAR     V315/96      JABIRU               PRIVATE 
VH-JPP     PAC/W/22164  JET PROVOST          PRIVATE XS178. 
VH-ASS     311          LAKE LA-4            PRIVATE 
VH-AYL     N219         LANCAIR              PRIVATE 
VH-BST     N239         LANCAIR              PRIVATE 
VH-SLK     Q064         LANCAIR              PRIVATE 
VH-BEE     V-301        LANCAIR              PRIVATE 
VH-BAA     7229C        MAULE                PRIVATE 
VH-MOP     24-0024      MOONEY               PRIVATE 
VH-FPQ     24-0783      MOONEY               PRIVATE 
VH-MIY     24-1077      MOONEY               PRIVATE 
VH-MYV     25-0154      MOONEY               PRIVATE 
VH-XDX     25-0386      MOONEY               PRIVATE 
VH-OVA     29-0051      MOONEY               PRIVATE 
VH-HWK     41-14112     P-40 KITTYHAWK       PRIVATE 41-14112, FUSELAGE ONLY ON TRAILER 
VH-TCU     239-05TC     PARTENAVIA P68B      PRIVATE 
VH-LJR     41           PARTENAVIA P68B      PRIVATE 
VH-EME     N89          PIEL CP301           PRIVATE 
HB-FOK                  PILATUS PC-12        PRIVATE 
VH-DTK     7225         PIPER PA22           PRIVATE 
VH-TPU     21136        PIPER PA28           PRIVATE 
VH-RVV     2127         PIPER PA28           PRIVATE 
VH-IAZ     22672        PIPER PA28           PRIVATE 
VH-ACP     28-4596      PIPER PA28           PRIVATE 
VH-IBB     30707        PIPER PA28           PRIVATE 
VH-PDO     5790         PIPER PA28           PRIVATE 
VH-USO     7135189      PIPER PA28           PRIVATE 
VH-CNF     7325106      PIPER PA28           PRIVATE 
VH-DWR     7405171      PIPER PA28           PRIVATE 
VH-DJA     7425288      PIPER PA28           PRIVATE 
VH-SVW     7425360      PIPER PA28           PRIVATE 
VH-AJN     7790110      PIPER PA28           PRIVATE 
VH-BVM     7816031      PIPER PA28           PRIVATE 
VH-CFS     7837045      PIPER PA28           PRIVATE 
VH-OWO     7916066      PIPER PA28           PRIVATE 
VH-UMB     7916097      PIPER PA28           PRIVATE 
VH-AFH     7916267      PIPER PA28           PRIVATE 
VH-CGM     8018031      PIPER PA28           PRIVATE 
VH-JIO     8116058      PIPER PA28           PRIVATE 
VH-NAR     8290106      PIPER PA28           PRIVATE 
VH-WRI     8431008      PIPER PA28           PRIVATE 
VH-KYD     20028        PIPER PA31           PRIVATE 
VH-AWW     31-286       PIPER PA31           PRIVATE 
VH-CYY     7401241      PIPER PA31           PRIVATE 
VH-JET     8012007      PIPER PA31           PRIVATE 
VH-JNV     7680123      PIPER PA32           PRIVATE 
VH-ISB     7940251      PIPER PA32           PRIVATE 
VH-MNV     7985050      PIPER PA32           PRIVATE 
VH-CTT     7250261      PIPER PA34           PRIVATE 
VH-PCP     7450171      PIPER PA34           PRIVATE 
VH-BJQ     8133120      PIPER PA34           PRIVATE 
VH-YEA     60-0589-7961190 PIPER PA60        PRIVATE 
N260PW     5041         PITTS S-2B           PRIVATE 
VH-FOS     1Z025-24     PZL DROMADER         PRIVATE 
VH-HLB     2626M        ROBINSON R22         PRIVATE 
VH-HFN     0304         ROBINSON R44         PRIVATE 
VH-KTJ     14278        ROCKWELL 114         PRIVATE 
VH-RCE     14576        ROCKWELL 114B        PRIVATE 
VH-MDW     3158         ROCKWELL 500S        PRIVATE 
VH-BMR     Q127         ROTORWAY EXEC 90     PRIVATE 
VH-KOC     V207         ROTORWAY EXEC 90     PRIVATE 
VH-COC     V213         ROTORWAY EXEC 90     PRIVATE 
VH-IBO     SH1916       SHORTS SKYVAN        PRIVATE 
VH-AZY     225          SIAI MARCHETTI       PRIVATE 
VH-DJG     N058         SKYFOX GAZELLE       PRIVATE 
VH-STN     108-3-4267   STINSON VOYAGER      PRIVATE 
RA-01463   0202         SUKHOI SU-31         PRIVATE 
VH-MEO     49-1724      T-28D TROJAN         PRIVATE 
F-OHUU     1797         TOBAGO               PRIVATE 
F-OHUT     1788         TRINIDAD             PRIVATE 
VH-AFG     N-339        VANS RV-6A           PRIVATE 
VH-ECI     102          VICTA AIRTOURER      PRIVATE 
N30136                  WACO UPF-7           PRIVATE 
VH-YAA     811602       YAKOLEV YAK-52       PRIVATE 
VH-KMM     844014       YAKOLEV YAK52        PRIVATE 844014/14 
VH-YYK     855808       YAKOLEV YAK52        PRIVATE 
VH-ULT     9111605      YAKOLEV YAK52        PRIVATE 

Thursday 20 February: 
VH-OZI     650-0037     CITATION             PRIVATE 

Friday 21 February: 
A10-602    1602         BAE 748              R.A.A.F. 
140105     285B.5704    CP-140 AURORA        C.A.F. 
A8-140                  F-111C               R.A.A.F. 
A8-272                  F-111G               R.A.A.F. 
A21-55                  F/A-18 HORNET        R.A.A.F. 
N24-008                 S-70B SEAHAWK        R.A.N. 
N155TJ     550-0175     CITATION             PRIVATE 

Saturday 22 February: 
VH-MAV     3280         AEROCOMMANDER 500    PRIVATE 
VH-EXC     3251         AEROCOMMANDER 500S   PRIVATE 
VH-KBA     2895         AUSTER J5            PRIVATE 
VH-DCS     B532         BEAGLE A109          PRIVATE 
VH-WLC     TH-977       BEECH 58             PRIVATE 
VH-TUZ     P-578        BEECH 60             PRIVATE 
VH-UGJ     76878        CESSNA 150           PRIVATE 
VH-JHY     2169         CESSNA 172           PRIVATE 
VH-SKB     53151        CESSNA 172           PRIVATE 
VH-KWB     54960        CESSNA 172           PRIVATE 
VH-PJX     69223        CESSNA 172           PRIVATE 
VH-AZQ     75569        CESSNA 172           PRIVATE 
VH-UDW     2630         CESSNA 172K          PRIVATE 
VH-KII     65426        CESSNA 172M          PRIVATE 
VH-RFS     56232        CESSNA 175           PRIVATE 
VH-UMR     65822        CESSNA 182           PRIVATE 
VH-JRV     68275        CESSNA 182           PRIVATE 
VH-TLO     03658        CESSNA 185           PRIVATE 
VH-OLI     03762        CESSNA 185           PRIVATE 
VH-EOC     62061        CESSNA 210           PRIVATE 
VH-DZX     0294         CESSNA 310R          PRIVATE 
VH-RKI     0460         CESSNA 421C          PRIVATE 
VH-JJE     S23          CORBY CJ1            PRIVATE 
VH-FPR     385-97       DECATHLON            PRIVATE 
VH-BWM     557-79       DECATHLON            PRIVATE 
VH-FJV     26           FUJI FA200           PRIVATE 
VH-WPU     0856         GRUMMAN AA5B         PRIVATE 
VH-XLX     ST0011       JABIRU               PRIVATE 
VH-XCT     N172         LANCAIR              PRIVATE 
VH-OOL     Q-062        LANCAIR              PRIVATE 
VH-MXN     22001C       MAULE MX-7           PRIVATE 
VH-KKF     24-0926      MOONEY               PRIVATE 
VH-GNV     127          NIMBUS 2             PRIVATE 
VH-JSB     27-7854126   PIPER PA23           PRIVATE 
VH-PXD     11018        PIPER PA28           PRIVATE 
VH-BIU     7990537      PIPER PA28           PRIVATE 
VH-PMH     7335091      PIPER PA28R          PRIVATE 
VH-LLV     1743         PIPER PA30           PRIVATE 
VH-TWJ     1977         PIPER PA30           PRIVATE 
VH-KMW     726          PIPER PA31           PRIVATE 
N7XB       7612084      PIPER PA31           PRIVATE 
VH-LTW     8152025      PIPER PA31           PRIVATE 
VH-RUB     7340066      PIPER PA32           PRIVATE 
VH-DWH     3246046      PIPER PA32R          PRIVATE 
VH-PTY     7680523      PIPER PA32R          PRIVATE 
VH-NBH     8013086      PIPER PA32R          PRIVATE 
VH-OWL     B-2083       PZL PUCHACZ          PRIVATE 
VH-MSL     N045         SKYFOX               PRIVATE 

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