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Avalon 2001

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Date: 10-18 February 2001

Made by: Sc


MB326H, RAAF 76sq
The MB326 is reaching the end of its active duty in RAAF service. During the show at Avalon, its successor, the British Aerospace Hawk Mk127, could already be seen in the static display. However, the A7-050 could still be seen in the air during the show.

Photo: Glenn Alderton

A8-131			F-111C		1sq                  
A9-759		        AP-3C		10sq                 
A10-605		        BAe748-228	32sq         
A15-104		        CH-47D		C sq/5th AvnRgt      
A21-17		        F/A-18A		3sq                  
A23-008		        PC-9/A		2FTS                 
A23-058		        PC-9/A		2FTS                 
A26-073		        Falcon 900	34sq         
A27-04		        Hawk Mk127	76sq         
A97-448		        C-130J-30	37sq         
VH-HPJ		        Beech 300	173sq/1st AVN
N24-015/84	        S-70B-2		HS816                
N29-161656/840	        SH-2G(A)	ex N356KA    
751		        KC-135R		RSingAF 112sq        
XV185		        Hercules C1	LTW          
ZH870		        Hercules C4	LTW          
XV227		        Nimrod MR2	Kinloss MRW  
ZD240/M		        VC10 K4		101sq                
85-0080		        B-1B		127th BS KS ANG      
60-0020/LA	        B-52H		20th BS "20BS"       
96-0007		        C-17A		437th AW, also flying
74-1675		        C-130H		40th AS              
58-0100/ZZ	        KC-135R		909th ARS            

A4-299			DHC-4A		38sq         
A7-050		        MB326H		76sq         
A7-080		        MB326H		79sq         
A8-272, A8-281	        F-111G		6sq          
A21-55, A21-57	        F/A-18A		3sq, spec c/s
A23-011		        PC-9/A		ARDU         
A23-027		        PC-9/A		2FTS         
A23-029, A23-050	PC-9/A		CFS/Roulettes
A23-059, A23-062	PC-9/A		CFS/Roulettes
A23-063, A23-066	PC-9/A		CFS/Roulettes
A23-067			PC-9/A		CFS/Roulettes
A2-110, A2-703		UH-1H		171sq/1st AvnRgt
A2-766, A2-915		UH-1H		171sq/1st AvnRgt
A15-106			CH-47D		C sq/5th AvnRgt
A17-003, A17-015	Bell 206B-1	161(R)sq/1st AvnRgt
A17-026			Bell 206B-1	161(R)sq/1st AvnRgt
A25-106			S-70A-9		A sq/5th AvnRgt
A25-216			S-70A-9		A sq/5th AvnRgt
90-0802/WW		F-16CJ		14th FS
90-0820/WW		F-16CJ		14th FS
78-0501/ZZ, 78-0502/ZZ	F-15C		67th FS
00-5163			AH-64D		Boeing
165797/NJ-123		F/A-18F		VFA-122
165798/NJ-124		F/A-18F		VFA-122
ZA447/TA, ZA452/TJ	Tornado GR1B	15(R)sq
4K-AZ16			IL-76TD		AZAL Avia Cargo
C-FCRJ			CRJ-700		Brit Air
C-GIHK			Dash 8 400	Augsburg Airways
F-ZWWY			Tiger		Eurocopter
N328JT			Do328-300	Fairchild Dornier
VH-ZZJ			DHC-8-202	Australian Customs
Not all the above aircraft could be seen during the whole week. Unfortunately, we
don't have detailed information about arrival and departure dates. Therefore, the
list gives an overview of the whole week. 

Flying only:
85-0069			B-1B		127th BS KS ANG

A9-438	                TAP-3B		292sq		14th                
A10-602	                BAe748-228	32sq		14th        
A10-608	                BAe748-228	32sq		15th        
A26-074	                Falcon 900	34sq		13th        
A97-003	                C-130H		36sq		11th                
A97-447	                C-130J-30	37sq		12th        
A97-466	                C-130J-30	37sq		14th        
VH-HPX	                Beech 200	173sq/1st AVN	13th
NZ7271	                B727-22C	40sq		15th        
73-1210	                C-12C		Emb Flt Canb.	14th        
58-0075, 63-8032	KC-135R		72nd AS AFRC	12th
VH-EKG			Saab 340B	Kendell		17th
VH-KGQ			EMB110P1	King Island	17th
VH-SJP			EMB110P1	Sunshine Expr.	14th
VH-WGX			SA226TC		Horizon		17th
The above dates are the days on which the mentioned aircraft could be seen at 
Avalon. It might be the case that they were at Avalon on other days as well.

A2-384			UH-1B		RAAF Museum
A8-141			F-111C		cockpit module only
A19-077			CT/4A		RAAF Museum
A65-111			C-47B		nose section only
A84-232			Canberra Mk20	pres gate

VH-AGJ			CA-18 Mk21	ex A68-118     
VH-AGW	                Ryan STM2	"S-29"         
VH-AOF	                CT/4A		ex A19-070             
VH-AQY	                CT/4A		ex A19-032             
VH-AWG	                Ryan STM2	"S-23"         
VH-BFF	                CA-16 Mk3	ex A20-653     
VH-BOB	                CA-18 Mk21	ex A68-104     
VH-BSR	                Chipmunk T10	ex RN WD374/903
VH-BUM	                CA-25		ex A85-415             
VH-CJG	                CJ-6                           
VH-CPX	                CJ-6                           
VH-CTK	                CT/4A		ex A19-040             
VH-DEL	                DH-82A		ex A17-739             
VH-DHW	                Chipmunk T10	ex RAF WZ856   
VH-EAF	                C-47B		ex A65-94              
VH-EAG	                C-121C		ex 54-0157             
VH-FBO	                DH-82A		ex RAF R5023           
VH-FTS	                CA-25		ex A85-439             
VH-HET "A58-602/RG-V"	Spitfire HF8	ex A58-758
VH-HFA			MH1521M		ex FAF 295 "HFA"
VH-HFM			CA-25		ex A85-440
VH-HWI			CA-25		ex A85-460
VH-JQY			Boeing E75	"286"
VH-JUC "KH677/CV-P"	CA-18 Mk21	ex A68-105
VH-KOY			Hudson Mk3	ex A16-112 "K-OY"
VH-LJM			DH-82A		ex A17-561
VH-LLD			Strikem. Mk88	ex NZ6372
VH-MFW			CA-16 Mk3	ex A20-695
VH-NAH			AT-6C		NZ1056
VH-PTM			CT/4A		ex A19-049
VH-RSK			Chipmunk T10	ex RAF WB572
VH-SFY			AT-6D		NZ934
VH-SVU "A68-750/AM-G"	CA-18 Mk23	ex A68-170
VH-TXN			AT-16		"AJ944" ex Swedish AF
VH-UPD			Chipmunk T10	ex RAF WB659/10
VH-WJE			CA-25		ex A85-427
VH-XHW			CT/4A		ex A19-075
VH-XNZ			AT-6C		NZ1024
VH-XSA			SNJ-4		South Africa AF 7667
VH-ZVZ			Vampire T11	ex RhodAF RRAF-119

Other civil:
VH-ABR			DC-3-202A	Ansett Airlines    
VH-AES	                C-47		Trans Australian Airlines  
VH-AJV	                IAI1124		Pel-Air                    
VH-BJC	                Beech 400A	E Brown            
VH-CIT	                Ce525		Capital Jet                
VH-CWE	                Beech 200	NW Aviation        
VH-EMK	                Beech 1900C	EMU Air Charter    
VH-JET	                Beech C90	Leppington         
VH-JIG	                Lj35A		Shortstop                  
VH-JSQ	                DHC-8-315	National Jet       
VH-MIN	                C-47A		Dakota National Air        
VH-MKT	                PC-6/B1-H2	                   
VH-MSZ	                Beech 200	RFDS               
VH-MWX	                Beech 200	RFDS               
VH-NGA	                IAI1124A	Pel-Air            
VH-OVM	                C-47B		Shortstop Jet Charter      
VH-PGA	                Ce208B		Pegasus Air                
VH-PIL	                PC-12/45	Pilatus            
VH-RED	                Yak-52                             
VH-SBL	                C-47A		Dakota National Air        
VH-SLE	                Lj35A		Pel-Air                    
VH-SLJ	                Lj36		Pel-Air                    
VH-SOU	                Ce500		Southern Air Cond.         
VH-TMQ	                DC-3		Air Nostalgia              
VH-TQZ	                DHC-8-315	Eastern Australia  
VH-TSP	                Bell 222	Helicopter Charter 
VH-VEH	                SA227AC		Vee Aviation               
VH-WBI	                EMB110P2	Aerolink           
VH-WGX	                SA226TC		Horizon                    
VH-WSM	                IAI1124SPX	Pearl Aviation     
VH-XMD	                Ce441		Ross Aviation              
VH-XMG	                Ce441		Ross Aviation              
VH-XSU	                Yak-52                             
VH-YKW	                Yak-52W                            
VH-ZMD	                Ce500		Australasian Jet           
N34NR	                Bell 222	Universal Air Serv.
N99FN	                Lj35A		Flight International       
N132CJ	                Ce525		Cessna                     
N179AC	                S-64F		Erickson Air Crane         
N555GV	                G.1159D		Gulfstream                 
N604CC	                CL-604		Bombardier                 
N701WH	                BD-700		Bombardier                 
N900EX	                Falcon 900ER	Dassault           
N2341S	                Beech 300	Raytheon           
N68828	                Boeing E75                         
RP-C1944		Lj45		Bombardier

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