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Avalon 2005

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Date: 15-20 March 2005

Made by:


XV226/26		Nimrod MR2	Kinloss MRW 
223		        AS332M		126sq/SingAF        
280	                AS332M	        126sq/SingAF   
86-0036	                KC-10A	        305th AMW      
58-0055/ZZ	        KC-135T	        909th ARS      
A2-487		        UH-1H	        SoAA           
A4-299	                DHC-4A	        38sq           
A8-113	                F-111C	        6sq            
A9-660	                AP-3C	        10sq           
A15-104	                CH-47D	        C sq/5th AvnRgt
A17-016	                Bell 206B-1	162(R)sq    
A20-561/QE-B	        CA-9 Wirraway	RAAF Museum 
A21-34		        F/A-18A		2nd OCU             
A23-019, A23-042	PC-9/A		2nd FTS
A25-215			S-70-A9		B sq/5th AvnRgt
A27-14	                Hawk 127LIF	79sq   
A38-001	                Tigre ARH	Oakey  
A97-441	                C-130J-30	37sq   
N16-918/22		S King Mk50B	817sq
N22-022/822	        AS350B		723sq        
N24-016/85	        S-70B-2		816sq        
N29-150156/842	        SH-2G(A)	805sq
N29-161913/849	        SH-2G(A)	805sq

Warbirds static:
VH-BFO			CA-9 Wirraway	ex A20-436
VH-FAH	                DH82A		ex A17-521        
VH-JEH	                CH-136	        ex Canada 136249
VH-LQX	                O-1	        ex 112001?      
VH-MEO	                AT-28D	        ex 49-1724      
VH-PTM	                CT/4A	        ex A19-049      
VH-ZEP	                StrkmastrMk88	ex NZ6361 

NZ7572			B757-2K2	40sq    
78-0469/ZZ	        F-15C		44th FS         
78-0496/ZZ	        F-15C	        67th FS         
90-0822/WW	        F-16CJ	        14th FS         
92-3913/WW	        F-16CJ	        13th FS "13FS"  
03-3120		        C-17A	        62nd AW         
A4-199		        DHC-4A	        38sq            
A8-272, A8-512	        F-111G	        6sq             
A21-3		        F/A-18A	        3sq             
A21-26		        F/A-18A	        3sq	spec mks
A23-027, A23-060	PC-9/A	        CFS/Roulettes   
A23-061, A23-064	PC-9/A	        CFS/Roulettes   
A23-066			PC-9/A	        CFS/Roulettes   
A27-16			Hawk 127LIF	76sq
A27-22			Hawk 127LIF	76sq	79sq mks
A30-001/N378BC		B737-7ES	2sq/Boeing
A97-468			C-130J-30	37sq

Warbirds flying/static:
VH-AGJ			CA-18 Mk21	ex A68-118
VH-BOB	                CA-18 Mk21	ex A68-104
VH-CDM	                DH82A		ex A17-593        
VH-CTK	                CT/4A	        ex A19-040  
VH-EAF	                C-47B	        ex A65-94   
VH-FTS	                CA-25	        ex A85-439  
VH-KTI	                P-40N	        ex 42-105915
VH-LJM	                DH82A	        ex A17-561  
VH-MHR	                CA-13	        ex A46-122  
VH-NAH	                Harvard IIA	ex NZ1056 
VH-PBZ	                PBY-2B-2	ex A24-362
VH-SHF	                Sea Fury FB11	ex WJ232  
VH-SVU	                P-51D		ex A68-750        
VH-TXN "AJ845"		AT-16 Mk2b	ex 43-12807
VH-XNZ			Harvard IIA	ex NZ1024
VH-XSA			SNJ-4		ex SAAF 7667
VH-ZCT			CT/4A		ex A19-058

60-0012/LA		B-52H		20th BS        
60-0032/LA	        B-52H	        11th BS        
A2-455		        UH-1H	        SoAA           
A9-662		        AP-3C	        11sq           
A9-757		        AP-3C	        10sq           
A15-106		        CH-47D	        C sq/5th AvnRgt
A17-006, A17-007	Bell 206B-1	162(R)sq
A17-029			Bell 206B-1	161(R)sq
A25-110, A25-218	S-70-A9		B sq/5th AvnRgt
A25-222, A25-225	S-70-A9		B sq/5th AvnRgt
N22-021/821		AS350B		723sq 
N22-024/824		AS350B		723sq
N24-015/84		S-70B-2		816sq

A9-659, A9-751		AP-3C		11sq
A37-002, A37-003	CL-604		34sq
A97-464			C-130J-30	37sq
VH-OYA			Beech 200	ARDU
VH-OWN			Beech 200	173sq/1st AvnRgt?

A84-232			Canberra Mk20	preserved

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