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Avalon 2007

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Date: 20-25 March 2007

Made by:


222			AS332M		126sq/SingAF
273			AS332M1		126sq/SingAF
(XJ607)/701		Sea Vixen FAW2	Cockpit/QAM
ZH104			Sentry AEW1	8/23sq
05-5150/HH		C-17A		535th AS  
81-0004/OK		E-3C	        960th AACS
A2-771			UH-1H	        (SAA)     
A4-204	                DHC-4A	        38sq      
A8-125	                F-111C	        6sq       
A8-141	                F-111C	        escape pod
A9-753	                AP-3C	        10sq      
A17-055	                CA32 Kiowa	162sq
A21-10	                F/A-18A		77sq         
A23-050, A23-062	PC-9/A		CFS
A25-112			S-70A-9		nn          
A27-28	                Hawk Mk127LIF	76sq
A32-349	                Beech 350	32sq
A38-006	                Tiger		SAA         
A41-206	                C-17A		36sq        
A65-111	                C-47B		cockpit     
A97-466	                C-130J		37sq        
N16-918/22		Sea King Mk50	817sq
N22-017/864		AS350BA		723sq
N24-015/84		S70B-2		816sq
VH-CTZ			CT-4B		(NZ1933)
VH-YFT			Yak-52		65 yel
VH-ZEP			Strikem. Mk88	NZ6361

Point Cook Museum Tent:
A3-51			Mirage 3O	preserved
A80-374			S51		preserved
(A93-2)			GAF Pika	preserved, as C-2
A94-101			Sabre		preserved
WS101/841		Scout AH1	(N8-101, VH-NVY)

CXS67127		C-27J		RSV           
78-0479/ZZ	        F-15C	        nmks/18th Wing
78-0544/ZZ	        F-15C	        67th FS       
90-0820/WW, 92-3887/WW	F-16CJ	        14th FS       
90-0834/WW		F-16DJ	        14th FS       
165860/NF-200	        F/A-18E	        VFA-27        
165882/NF-102	        F/A-18F	        VFA-102       
165894/NF-100	        F/A-18F	        VFA-102       
A4-236			DHC-4A	        38sq          
A8-142, A8-144		F-111C	        6sq           
A20-623			B707-338C	33sq		24
A20-624			B707-338C	33sq		20/21/22
A21-11, A21-39		F/A-18A		3sq          
A21-19, A21-20, A21-48	F/A-18A	        77sq         
A21-105			F/A-18B	        77sq		21/22
A21-107	                F/A-18B	        2OCU		21/22
A21-109	                F/A-18B	        2OCU         
A23-046, A23-052	PC-9/A	        CFS          
A23-057, A23-060	PC-9/A	        CFS          
A23-061, A23-063	PC-9/A	        CFS          
A23-067			PC-9/A	        CFS          
A27-06, A27-33		Hawk Mk127LIF	76sq
A32-372			Beech 350	32sq		23
A37-002			CL-604		34sq		20/21/24
A97-009	                C-130H	        37sq		23      
A97-010	                C-130H	        37sq            
N22-015/862		AS350BA	        723sq           
N22-023/823		AS350BA	        723sq           
N24-014/83		S-70B-2	        816sq           
NZ7572			B757-2K2	40sq		21
VH-ABR			DC-3		(A30-3)
VH-AES			C-47		(41-18660)
(VH-AWA)		Tiger Moth	A17-692
VH-AZD (68-10807)	A-37B		ex Vietnam
VH-BOB			Mustang Mk21	A68-104   
VH-CDF	                L-5B		44-17643          
VH-CJG	                CJ-6A		2232005, China c/s
VH-CPI	                Chipmunk T10	WP786     
VH-CTK	                CT-4A		(A19-)040         
VH-CTV	                CT-4A	        A19-068      
VH-DGP	                T-6D	        "7500/FT-500"
VH-DIT	                L-4H	        43-30119/UD  
VH-EAF	                C-47B	        A65-94       
VH-EAG	                C-121C	        (54-0157)    
VH-FBO	                Tiger Moth	R5023     
VH-FTS	                Winjeel		A85-439           
VH-FXH	                L-21A	        (3202), ex Portug.
(VH-IOY)		SP-2H	        A89-273           
VH-LHN			S76A	        RAAF Resque       
VH-NLR	                L-5B	        42-99331          
VH-NNV	                CJ-6A	        5432024, China c/s
VH-NTJ	                Winjeel	        (A85-407), A85-443
VH-NZH	                Harvard 2A	(NZ1051), 6220/76
(VH-NZP)		CT-4A		A19-077    
VH-OVO 112330/LF-47	SNJ-5B	        USMC c/s   
VH-PBZ			PBY-6A	        (46679)    
(VH-RPT)		PT-21	        41-1918/552
VH-RSK			Chipmunk T10	WB572
VH-SVU 'A68-750/AM-G'	Mustang Mk23	(A68-170)
VH-TMQ			C-47B		(A65-91)                   
VH-TXN	                Harvard 2	AJ845, RAF c/s     
VH-WHF	                AT-6G		49-3203/TA-203             
VH-WWY	                Wirraway II	(A20-81), A20-176/D
VH-XNZ	                Harvard 2A	NZ1024, NZAF c/s   
VH-XSA	                SNJ-4		7667, SAAF c/s             
VH-YAA	                Yak-52		(c/n 811602)               
VH-YIX	                Yak-9UM		04 red                     
VH-ZOC	                P-40N		(42-104687)/GA-Q           

Flying Only:
60-0030/LA		B-52H		20th BS
A9-660			AP-3C		11sq
A17-004, A17-014	CA32 Kiowa	162sq
A25-111			S70A-9		171sq
A38-005			Tiger		SAA
The Avalon International Airshow was held for five days. During the 
first days it is called the Australian International Aerospace & Defence 
Exposition and these are trade days. The show itself is open on Friday 
afternoon and evening and during the weekend. Airshows all over the world 
are basically the same and Australia is no exception. The rare aircraft 
types make a visit to Avalon interesting, like the dump and burn demo from 
a F-111 and a flying Caribou. There was also a large amount of civil aircraft 
ranging from micro ultra lights to a QANTAS Boeing 747. During the flying 
display the sun will be on the good side (behind you). As this is a mega event 
in Australia, it is always good to go early to avoid long traffic jams.

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