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Avalon 2009

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Date: 10-15 March 2009

Made by:


M81-07 			A109 		Malaysian Army 
273 		        AS532UL 	126sq       
281 		        AS332M 		126sq        
9105, 9107 	        PC-21 		130sq         
86-0099/EL 	        B-1B 		37th BS "28 OG"
86-0121 		B-1B 		37th BS
87-0028 		C-5B 		60th AMW        
05-5152/HH 	        C-17A 		535th AS HI ANG
58-0063 	        KC-135R 	465th ARS    
83-0023/ZZ 	        F-15C 		67th FS        
90-0822/WW 	        F-16CJ 		14th FS       
90-0834/WW 	        F-16CJ 		14th FS       
92-3894/WW 	        F-16CJ 		14th FS       
166675/NJ-134 	        F/A-18F 	VFA-22       
166790/NJ-135 	        F/A-18F 	VFA-22       
A4-234 		        DHC-4A 		38sq          
A8-125 		        F-111C 		6sq           
A9-664 		        AP-3C 		11sq           
A17-010 	        Bell 206B-1 	nn       
A21-13 		        F/A-18A 	3sq #        
A23-032 	        PC-9/A 		FACDU         
A23-046, A23-51         PC-9/A 		CFS/Roulettes 
A23-059 	        PC-9/A 		CFS/Roulettes 
A25-212 	        UH-60A 		SoAA          
A27-27 		        Hawk MK127LIF 	76 sq  
A32-339 		Beech 350 	32sq
A97-442, A97-464 	C-130J-30 	37sq
N24-001 		S-70B-2 	816sq
N361BJ (A30-004) 	B737-7ES 	Boeing
The American B-1B, C-17A, F-16C and F/A-18F all flew their
demos from the static. The B-1B 86-0121/EL was the star of
the news when it diverted into Tullamarine with landing gear
# = 90 years 3 sq markings

A8-126, A8-134 		F-111C 		6sq
A21-4, A21-7, A21-9 	F/A-18A 	77sq
A21-12, A21-22 		F/A-18A 	75sq
A21-28 			F/A-18A 	2nd OCU
N22-001, N22-023 	AS350B 		723sq

Flying only:
A4-152, A4-299 		DHC-4A 		38sq
A17-028 +1 		Bell 206B-1 	SoAA
A25-107, A25-205 	S-70A-9 	nn
A25-207, A25-225 	S-70A-9 	nn
A97-008 		C-130H 		37sq
These flew each day from Piont Cook, and only three of the four
Black Hawks flew every day.

Visitors March 10th:
01-0065 		C-37A 		65th AS
A17-020 		Bell 206B-1 	nn
A37-002 		CL-604 		34sq

A84-232 		Canberra Mk20 	preserved
Although the report was incomplete the best was made of it, the
units of most Australian aircraft were retrieved from our database.
Overall a very nice airshow with some great opportunities,
like one of the last times to see Australian Caribous and F-111s.
A nice treat were the Singapore and Malaysian helicopters.

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