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Bundaberg 2005

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Date: 17 July 2005

Made by:


A23-046, A23-050	PC-9/A		CFS/Roulettes
A23-058, A23-059	PC-9/A		CFS/Roulettes
A23-060, A23-061	PC-9/A		CFS/Roulettes
A23-064			PC-9/A		CFS/Roulettes
N22-016/863		AS350B		723sq
N234PH			Bell 214B-1	McDermott Aviation
N3781B			Beech 18	stored
VH-CJX			CJ-6		private
VH-DIE "15 white"	SBLim-2		ex PolandAF 3804
VH-DMI			CT/4A		ex A19-037     
VH-EAG	                C-121C		ex USAF 54-0157
VH-FAG	                DH82A		ex A17-316     
VH-FDI	                Beech B200	RFDS   
VH-GAV "A17-25"		DH82A		ex SAAF 559
VH-HYO			AS350B		Chopperline
VH-LHN			S-76A		RAAF Rescue
VH-LLD			StrikmstrMk88	ex RNZAF NZ6372
VH-RHO			Hunter T75A	ex SingAF 528
VH-RVE			DH82A		ex A17-177
VH-SHF "WJ323/O-114"	Fury FB10	ex IraqAF 326
VH-TRO "38364/TL-364"	AT-28D		ex ThaiAF 51-3722
VH-UXG			DH84		private
VH-VHV, VH-YKO		Yak-52		private
VH-YNO, VH-YYB		Yak-52		private
VH-YXI			Yak-9U		private	bare silver
VH-YAK			Yak-18T		private
VH-YYC, VH-YYK		Yak-52		private
VH-ZOW			Bell 206L-1	Energex

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