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East Sale 1996

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Date: 24 March 1996

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Military aircraft:
A97-005  	C-130H Hercules  	36 Sqn 		arr/dep 24th
A4-275   	DHC-4A Caribou        	38 Sqn 		arr 23rd/dep 25th
A7-011   	(MB326H) Macchi     	76 Sqn 		arr/dep 22nd, arr/dep 24th
A8-135   	F-111C   		1 Sqn  		arr 23rd, dep 24th
A9-659   	P-3C Orion       	11 Sqn 		'75th Ann' Arr 23rd
A10-595  	HS748-229 		32 Sqn
A10-596  	HS748-229 		32 Sqn 		flying 24th
A10-601  	HS748-228 		32 Sqn 		flying 24th
A10-602  	HS748-228 		32 Sqn 		static
A10-603  	HS748-228 		32 Sqn
A10-604  	HS748-228 		32 Sqn		flying 24th
A10-607  	HS748-228 		32 Sqn
A10-608  	HS748-228 		32 Sqn
A20-629  	B707-338C         	33 Sqn		"City of Sydney", arr 23rd, dep 24th
A21-102  	F-18B Hornet        	3 Sqn  		arr 23rd, dep 24th
A23-007  	PC-9/A            	ARDU   		hangared, maintenance
A23-031  	PC-9/A            	CFS    		flying 24th
A23-033  	PC-9/A            	CFS    		hangared, maintenance
A23-034  	PC-9/A            	CFS    		hangared, maintenance
A23-036  	PC-9/A            	CFS    		hangared
A23-038  	PC-9/A            	CFS    		flying 24th
A23-039  	PC-9/A            	CFS
A23-040  	PC-9/A            	CFS    		flying 24th
A23-041  	PC-9/A            	CFS    		flying 24th
A23-042  	PC-9/A            	CFS    		hangared, maintenance
A23-043  	PC-9/A            	CFS    		flying 24th
A23-057  	PC-9/A            	CFS    		static
A23-065  	PC-9/A            	CFS    		flying 24th
A26-076  	Dassault Falcon 900     34 Sqn 		arr/dep 24th
VH-HRP   	Sikorsky S-76A          Lloyd Helicopters/RAAF Rescue, flying 24th

All CFS PC-9/A aircraft carry 'Roulettes' markings.

A68-118/VH-AGJ  CA-18 Mustang Mk.21 	arr/dep 24th
'A79-616'       DH115 Vampire T.35 	CFS 'Telstars' CS ,static
A85-405         CA-25 Winjeel 		Gate Guardian RAAF East Sale
A85-434/VH-EDA  CA-25 Winjeel 		"Edda You've Done it Again", arr/dep 24th
A85-436/WH-WIJ  CA-25 Winjeel 		"Caroline" 	arr/dep 24th
A85-439/VH-FTS  CA-25 Winjeel 		arr 23rd
A85-450/VH-HOY  CA-25 Winjeel 		arr/dep 24th
A85-460/VH-HWI  CA-25 Winjeel 		arr/dep 24th
A19-040/VH-CTK  CT-4A Airtrainer 	arr/dep 24th
A19-049/VH-PTM  CT-4A Airtrainer 	arr/dep 24th
'NZ934'/VH-SFY  AT-6D Harvard III 	RNZAF (yellow) CS arr/dep 24th
NZ1075/VH-HVD   AT-6D Harvard III 	RNZAF (yellow) CS "My Harley", arr/dep 24th
VH-ISK/3        TS-11 Iskra 		PWL 'White Iskras' CS, arr/dep 24th
16077/77/VH-JHP AT-16 Harvard IIB 	Flygvapnet (SK 16A F16 CS) "Vasteras Stad", arr/dep 24th
'93555'/VH-USR  T-6G Texan 		USAF CS "Triple Nickel", arr/dep 24th
138278/VH-NAW   T-28B Trojan 		USN CS, arr/dep 24th

Civil aircraft:
VH-AQS   	Kavanagh D-90 (RAAF CS)
VH-AWN   	Cessna 150
VH-BMI   	Piper PA-28RT-201 Arrow IV
VH-BZG   	Piper PA-28-161 Warrior II
VH-CGV   	Piper PA-28-161 Warrior II
VH-CUA   	J6 Karatoo
VH-CVR   	Cessna U206F Stationair
VH-DTK   	Cessna 150H
VH-DWD   	Cessna 172M Skyhawk
VH-EUI   	Cessna 172M Skyhawk
VH-FES   	Piper PA-28-161 Warrior II
VH-FTF   	Beechcraft A36 Bonanza
VH-GPL   	Schneider ES.59 Arrow
VH-GSW   	Bolkow Phoebus C
VH-GYJ   	LET L-13 Blanik
VH-IMY   	Cessna 172M Skyhawk
VH-JHW   	Mooney M.20C Ranger
VH-LLC   	Hughes (369D) 500D PHS
VH-LWR   	SOCATA TB.10 Tobago ?
VH-MFY   	Piper PA-28-161 Warrior II
VH-MNV   	Piper PA-32RT-300 Lance 11
VH-OUS   	Piper PA-18-150 Super Cub
VH-RIG   	Cessna 182RG Skylane
VH-STH   	Cessna 172M Skyhawk
VH-UCQ   	Cessna R182 Skylane RG
VH-WAF   	Piper PA-28-180 Cherokee C

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