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Nowra 1984

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Date: 29 September 1984

Made by:

Updated: 3 June 2004

A17-005 	Bell 206B 	1 Aviation Regt
A3-12 		Mirage IIIOA 	77Sqdn
A9-758 		P-3C 		10Sqdn
N22-014/861	AS350B 		723Sqdn
N15-710/801	HS748 		723Sqdn
N16-100/020	Sea King Mk50 	817Sqdn
N7-205/815	Wessex Mk 31B 	816Sqdn
N7-214/824	Wessex Mk 31B 	816Sqdn
N2-43/800-NW 	C-47
WD826/245-K	Firelfy AS6
(WJ109)/207-K	Firelfy AS6
XA434/846-NW	Gannet AS1
N12-152333/844 	S-2G
N12-153598/841	S-2E		ex 851Sqdn
N8101/891 	Scout		(flew)
VW623 		Sea Fury FB11 
JN200 		Sea Otter 	(nose only)
XA101/875-NW 	Sea Vampire T22
WZ895 		Sea Venom FAW53
WZ931		Sea Venom FAW53
WZ937/747-M	Sea Venom FAW53
XD653 		Sycamore HR51
N7-217/(8)27	Wessex Mk31A
A4-208 		DHC4A 		38Sqdn
A4-285  	DHC4A 		38Sqdn
A97-008 	C-130H 		36Sqdn
A97-011 	C-130H 		36Sqdn
A7-021 		MB326H 		CFS/Roulettes
A7-032 		MB326H 		CFS/Roulettes
A7-077 		MB326H 		CFS/Roulettes
A7-079 		MB326H 		CFS/Roulettes
A7-088 		MB326H 		CFS/Roulettes
N22-015/25 	AS350B 		723Sqdn
N22-017/27 	AS350B 		723Sqdn
N22-018/28 	AS350B 		723Sqdn
N17-026?/896 	Bell 206B 	723Sqdn
N9-882/897	UH-1B 
N9-3104/898 	UH-1H
N15-709/800	HS748		723Sqdn
N16-112/03 	Sea King Mk50	817Sqdn
N16-114/05 	Sea King Mk50	817Sqdn
N16-118/07 	Sea King Mk50	817Sqdn
N7-203/813 	Wessex Mk31B	816Sqdn
N7-204/814 	Wessex Mk31B	816Sqdn
N7-216/826 	Wessex Mk31B	816Sqdn
N7-218/828 	Wessex Mk31B	816Sqdn
N7-220/830 	Wessex Mk31B	816Sqdn
N7-221/831 	Wessex Mk31B	816Sqdn
N7-223/833 	Wessex Mk31B	816Sqdn
N7-234/834 	Wessex Mk31B	816Sqdn
Hangar B:
N16-124/09 	Sea King Mk50	817Sqdn
Hangar C:
N7-212/822	Wessex Mk31B	816Sqdn
Hangar D:
N11-743 	Jindivik
Hangar F:
N7-200/810	Wessex Mk31B	816Sqdn
N7-210/820	Wessex Mk31B	816Sqdn
A4-275 		DHC-4 		38Sqdn (Roulettes support)
A7-026 		MB326H 		Roulettes (spare aircraft)
Open store:
A number of S-2E/Gs
(VH-HFG)/253-K 	Sea Fury 

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