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Graz 1984

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Date: 15 September 1984

Made by: John Dyer


4D-BX 		AB204B
3C-JM 		AB206A
5D-HW 		AB412
3E-KQ 		Alouette III
3E-KS 		Alouette III
3C-OJ 		OH-58B
3A-CH 		L-19A
3G-EK 		PC-6B
1101/A/Yellow 	SAAB 105OE
1117/G/Green 	SAAB 105OE
1125/E/Red 	SAAB 105OE
3F-SP 		Safir 
5S-TB 		Skyvan
79-0036/BT 	F-15C		36TFW
79-0045/BT 	F-15C		36TFW
OE-CCG 		L-19A 		(ex 3A-CG)
1128/H/Red	SAAB 105OE
1136/F/Blue	SAAB 105OE
1137/G/Blue	SAAB 105OE
1123/C/Red	SAAB 105OE
1124/D/Red	SAAB 105OE
1126/F/Red	SAAB 105OE
1127/G/Red	SAAB 105OE
1129/I/Red	SAAB 105OE
1130/J/Red	SAAB 105OE
1132/B/Blue	SAAB 105OE
1134/D/Blue	SAAB 105OE
1140/J/Blue	SAAB 105OE
MM62103/RS-35 	G222 		RSV
MM54445/RS-39 	MB339A		RSV
2919 		An2 		Polish A/F
1326 		Mig 15 		Polish A/F
0221 		TS-11 		Polish A/F
J-1733 		Venom FB54 	Swiss A/F
29588/D/Red	J-29F
4D-BK 		AB204B
4D-BP 		AB204B
4D-BW 		AB204B
4D-BZ 		AB204B
3C-JD 		AB206A
3C-JF 		AB206A
3C-JG 		AB206A
3C-JH 		AB206A
3C-JI 		AB206A
5D-HA 		AB412
5D-HB 		AB412
5D-HE 		AB412
5D-HH 		AB412
5D-HI 		AB412
5D-HJ 		AB412
5D-HK 		AB412
5D-HL 		AB412
5D-HN 		AB412
5D-HP 		AB412
5D-HQ 		AB412
5D-HT 		AB412
5D-HV 		AB412
5D-HX 		AB412
3E-KB 		Alouette III
3E-KF 		Alouette III
3E-KG 		Alouette III
3E-KH 		Alouette III
3E-KI 		Alouette III
3E-KK 		Alouette III
3E-KM 		Alouette III
3E-KO 		Alouette III
3E-KP 		Alouette III
3E-KU 		Alouette III
3E-KX 		Alouette III
3E-KZ 		Alouette III
3C-OB 		OH-58B
3C-OC 		OH-58B
3C-OD 		OH-58B
3C-OE 		OH-58B
3C-OF 		OH-58B
3C-OG 		OH-58B
3C-OL    	OH-58B
3G-EF 		PC-6B
3G-EH 		PC-6B
3G-EJ 		PC-6B
3G-EL 		PC-6B
3H-FA 		PC-7
3H-FB 		PC-7
3H-FC 		PC-7
3H-FD 		PC-7
3H-FF 		PC-7
5S-TA 		Skyvan
1102/B/Yellow	SAAB 105OE
1104/D/Yellow	SAAB 105OE
1105/E/Yellow	SAAB 105OE
1106/F/Yellow	SAAB 105OE
1109/I/Yellow	SAAB 105OE
1112/B/Green	SAAB 105OE
1120/J/Green	SAAB 105OE
1122/B/Red	SAAB 105OE
1121/A/Blue	SAAB 105OE
1133/C/Blue	SAAB 105OE
1135/E/Blue	SAAB 105OE
1139/I/Blue	SAAB 105OE

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