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Tulln-Langenlebarn 1997

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Date: 7 June 1997

Made by: Scramble


29449/F               J29F         preserved
25                    J35Ö         i/a
3A-CG                 L-19A        historical flight
3B-HD                 OH-13H       i/a
3C-JF                 AB206A       FlRg1/HG1/2
3F-SP                 Saab 91D     historical flight
3G-EB, 3G-ED, 3G-EH   PC-6/B2-H2   FlRg1/HG1/4
3H-FN                 PC-7         FlS             *
5D-HS                 AB212        FlRg1/HG1/1
BC-33                 Saab 105Ö    no mks (FlRg3)  *
* = also flying

Hangar (closed):
3A-BH, 3A-BI          L-19E        FlRg1/HG1/4 (std)
3A-CB, 3A-CM, 3A-CU   L-19A        FlRg1/HG1/4 (std)
3B-HA                 OH-13H       stored

Hangar near flightline (closed):
3C-JB, 3C-JG, 3C-JH   AB206A       FlRg1/HG1/2
3C-OJ, 3C-OK          OH-58B       FlRg1/HG1/3

3G-EA, 3G-EC, 3G-EE   PC-6/B2-H2   FlRg1/HG1/4
3G-EF                 PC-6/B2-H2   FlRg1/HG1/4
5D-HN, 5D-HP, 5D-HT   AB212        FlRg1/HG1/1
5D-HV, 5D-HW, 5D-HX   AB212        FlRg1/HG1/1
5S-TB                 SC-7-3M      FlRg1/HG1/4

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