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Wiener Neustadt 1997

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Date: 26 September 1997

Made by: Marcel de Jong


reg             code       type            unit       c/n        rem 
D-MTEA                     ULV 
D-EEBL                     Be 33 
D-EEKE                     Be 33 
8671                       Bo.105 
8712                       Bo.105 
8802                       Bo.105 
D-EGKT                     Ce 172 
D-EILL                     Ce.P.210N                  00544 
D-FOXY                     C.3605                     315 
D-EGVN                     Do.27 
D-EXDA                     DV.20 
D-KGEM                     H.36 
D-EIAL                     PA.28-161                  28-8116076 
D-EEJA                     Yak.50 
D-EPET                     EA.300S                    019 
D-FHGK                     T-6 
F-GNJA                     DV.20 
ZH775           NS         Chinook 
ZD347           14         Harrier GR.7 
ZD434           46         Harrier GR.7               P46 
ZH661                      Harrier T.10 
G-BWIO                     H.36 
G-OTAF                     L.39                       232302     2802 
G-RAGG                     Maule 
G-HAEC                     CAC-18 Mustang 23          1517       472218 
MH434/S2-G                 Spitfire 
PL965                      Spitfire 
G-AMPZ                     DC.3 
ZE962                      Tornado F.3 
HA-PAO                     CSS-13 
HA-AAI                     Gerle 13 
HB-SPP                     ?                                     Ex F-GBAK 
HB-GAF                     Be 58 
HB-(I)MV                   Bü.131                                Fw fcs "U-85" 
HB-2296                    H.36 
HB-SUY                     Jodel 
HB-DEE                     M.20 
HB-OOF                     PA.18 
HB-OUE                     PA.J3 
MM62102         46.20      G.222TCM                   4004 
LN-AMY                     T-6 
N167F                      P-51D                      122-40417  473877 
N167B                      A-26B                      27881      USAAF fcs "434602" 
N6123C                     B-25 
N94256                     Ce 210 
NZ5648                     F4U/FG-1                   3205       648 
N588                       Sea Fury FB.11             41H636335  RAN fcs 
N9149N                     M.20 
N51EA                      P-51                                  463684 
26632                      UH-60 
N....                      Be 17 
N320SQ                     TB-25N                     108-33832 
N2965S                     T-6D                       51.819 
88-0246                    AH-64A                     PV.576 
64-0533                    C-130E                     4022 
OE-7031                    ULV 
OE-8035                    ULV 
OE-9091                    M.Glid 
OE-9275                    M.Glid 
OE-ARF                     ? 
OE-CAL                     JOB 15 ? 
OE-DME                     Be 33 
OE-DSL                     Be 33 
OE-AMB                     Bo.209 
OE-ASA                     Bo.209 
OE-AGI                     B .131 
OE-ALB                     Ce 152 
OE-ALU                     Ce 152 
OE-AVR                     Ce 152 
OE-AYX                     Ce 152 
OE-AYZ                     Ce 152 
OE-CFC                     Ce 152 
OE-CML                     Ce 152 
OE-CVW                     Ce 152 
OE-DGU                     Ce 152 
OE-ATG                     Ce 172 
OE-DCW                     Ce 172 
OE-DDN                     Ce 172 
OE-DGH                     Ce 172 
OE-DLA                     Ce 172 
OE-DLR                     Ce 172 
OE-DTB                     Ce 172 
OE-KFG                     Ce 172 
OE-KHK                     Ce 172 
OE-DFN                     Ce 210 
OE-KPC                     Ce 210 
OE-FLN                     Ce 340 
OE-FEI                     Ce 421 
OE-AER                     DH.82 ? 
OE-KIR                     DR 
OE-AAR                     DV.20                      20114 
OE-AEP                     DV.20                      20113 
OE-AGX                     DV.20 
OE-AHO                     DV.20                      20138 
OE-AHT                     DV.22                      22002 
OE-AKL                     DV.20 
OE-AKY                     DA.20A1                    10059 
OE-ALJ                     DV.20                      20089 
OE-ALS                     DV.20                      20118 
OE-ASP                     DV.22                      22001 
OE-CKA                     DA.20A1                    10145 
OE-CPU                     DV.20                      20002 
OE-XAM                     Enstrom 
OE-EAS                     F4U/FG-1                              USN fcs "BR" 
OE-9274                    G.109 
OE-FWS                     G.44                                  s/n 30 
OE-9131                    HB.21 
OE-5554                    H.36 
OE-9215                    H.36 
OE-9235                    H.36 
OE-9278                    H.36 
OE-9417                    H.36 
OE-9455                    H.36 
OE-9481                    H.36                       36581 
OE-9500                    H.36 
OE-9997                    HK.36                      36487 
OE-AEZ                     Maule 
OE-AKA                     MS.505 
OE-OWB                     PA.22 
OE-DPW                     PA.28 
OE-DRN                     PA.28 
OE-DUI                     PA.28 
OE-DVW                     PA.28 
OE-FIL                     P.68 
25                         S.35ö                      35339      Static a/f 
OE-ACE                     S.91 
OE-KCD                     S.91                       459 
OE-KSD                     S.91                       466 
OE-KSS                     S.91                       456 
OE-KSV                     S.91                       461 
OE-KTD                     S.91 
OE-ESA                     T-28B                                 USN fcs "138179" 
OE-DFO                     Z.42 
OE-DGM                     Z.42 
OE-DXM                     B206 
OE-KXM                     B206 
OE-KXH                     AS.350 
OE-XRA                     Z.50LX 
OE-XRB                     Z.50LX 
OE-XRC                     Z.50LX 
OE-XRD                     Z.50LX 
OE-FXH                     AS.350 
3C-OB                      OH-58 
3C-OD                      OH-58 
3C-OE                      OH-58 
3C-OJ                      OH-58 
5D-HP                      AB.212 
5D-HQ                      AB.212 
3H FM                      PC.7 
OK-XJA                     Z.37                       08-03 
CH-12                      C-130H                     4483 
OY-JAC                     DV.20 
PH-789                     G.109                      6038 
L-11                       PC-7            EMVO 
L-13                       PC-7            EMVO 
S5-MBB                     Aero 3                                Dark Dog; 40199 
SE-LBH                     Ce 172 
SE-BKG                     P-51D                                 KSF fcs 

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