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Zeltweg 2000

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Date: 30 June/1 July 2000

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Updated: 3 November 2002

Tp84 Hercules, Swedish AF F7
Who said that spectacular flying demonstrations are not possible with large transport aircraft? The Swedish crew of this 84001/841, a Tp84 Hercules of the F7 wing, proved the opposite during the flying program at the very good airshow at Zeltweg.

Photo Evert Jan van Koningsveld

More pictures of this airshow, see Sky-Flash Aviation Sites

07		J35Ö		FlRg2/UbW             
17	        J35Ö		instr.                
BC33	        Saab 105Ö	nn            
GG17	        Saab 105Ö	nn, spec c/s  
3A-BM	        L-19A		wfu                   
3C-JJ	        AB206A		FlRg1/2, Kleeblatt c/s
3C-OJ	        OH-58B	        FlRg1/3               
3E-KN, 3E-KS	SA316B	        FlRg2                 
3E-KX		SA316B	        FlRg2                 
3G-EE	        PC-6B2-H2	FlRg1/4           
3G-EL	        PC-6B2-H2	FlRg1/4, spec c/s 
3H-FA	        PC-7		FlS                       
4D-BW	        AB204B	        FlRg3/2           
5D-HF, 5D-HG	AB212	        FlRg3/1
3F-SR/455	Saab 91D	wfu
35513		J35J		instr.                           
055	        An-30		16TrAB, c/n 08-02
130339	        KCC-130H	435sq                    
ET-210	        F-16B	        Esk 727, Esk 726 mks             
3860	        F-4F		JG74                             
4496	        Tornado IDS	JBG31                    
5702	        Do228-212	MFG3                     
FF-3	        F27-400M	TukiLLv                  
6009	        MiG-21bis	47HRE                    
701	        Mi-17		87HHE                            
MM54250/4-33	TF-104G-M	20º Gr
MM54261/4-42	TF-104G-M	20º Gr
MM7168/2-04	AMX		14º Gr
MM7176/2-20	AMX	        14º Gr
CR.12-54/12-63	RF-4C	        123Esc
TR.20-01/403-11	Ce560	        403Esc
6824		Lancer-C 	Grupul 86
917 bl	        MiG-29SMT-2	RAC-MiG, c/n 35400
H2-31	        Bell 412SP	15 BRVL          
L9-64	        PC-9M		15 BRVL                  
37447/35	JA37	        F21                
39141/41-G	JAS39A	        F7                 
3042/'0042'	NF-5A	        Turkish Stars      
62 bl		Su-27UB	        831IAP, c/n 96310405010
UR-76699	IL-76MD	        321VTAP, c/n 0063471131 
ZA547/DC	Tornado GR4	31sq
81-0991/SP	OA-10A		81st FS    
82-0649/SP	OA-10A	        81st FS    
84-0087		C-21A	        76th AS    
98-0131/LN	F-15E	        492nd FS   
89-26145	UH-60A	        5-158th AVN
Flightline/static side:
01, 08		J35Ö		FlRg2/UbW                
4D-BK	        AB204B		FlRg3/2                  
3403/03	        L-29		343VLt                   
4430	        Tornado IDS	JBG31            
905	        MiG-21UM	47HRE            
718	        IAR-99		Avioane Craiova          
9526	        MiG-21UM Lancer-B  Grupul 86
139 bl	        MiG-29UB	Zhukovsky TS     
RA-76429	IL-76TD		Min.of Interior
L9-62		PC-9M		15 BRVL
TK.10-12/31-54	KC-130H		31 Grupo
37407/27	JA37		F21
37409/29	JA37		F21
39162/62-G	JAS39A		F7
39172/172-G	JAS39A		F7
84001/841	Tp84		F7
57 bl		Su-27		831IAP
ZD375/23	Harrier GR7	20(R)sq
ZD464/54	Harrier GR7	20(R)sq
G-ASJV		Spitfire IX	'MH434'  
G-BGPB	        T-6J		'1747 Port AF'   
G-BIXL          P-51D		'472216/AJ-L'
G-BTCD	        P-51D		'463221/E2-Z'    
G-BXUL	        FG-1D		'NZ5648/648'     
N6123C	        B-25            Red Bull c/s
RA-01607/03	Su-26		Breitling
RA-02694/04	Su-26		Breitling
RA-44539/02	Su-26		Breitling
SE-DXB	        J29F		'29670/R Swed AF'
ZK-RMH	        P-40E		'NZ3009' 

C101EBs of the Patrulla Aguila:
E.25-06/79-06/1	  E.25-21/79-21/4   E.25-14/79-14/7
E.25-28/79-28/2	  E.25-01/79-01/5   E.25-22/79-22/-
E.25-25/79-25/3	  E.25-86/79-32/6

NF-5A/NF-5Bs of the Turkish Stars:
3013	3042	3066
3015	3051	4005
3016	3055	4025

09, 18, 20	J35Ö		FlRg2/UbW
3H-FI, 3H-FN	PC-7		FlS
35531, 35596	J35J		instr.
"PDG-3"		EC635		Eurocopter

Hangar (behind Turkish Stars):
3H-FC, 3H-FL	PC-7		FlS

3B-HA		OH-13H		pres.

Far side:
RD24		Saab 105Ö	FlRg2/UbW   
BB32	        Saab 105Ö	FlRg2/UbW   
GF16	        Saab 105Ö	nn, spec c/s
0556	        Z-142CAF	343VLt      
0709	        W-3A		62VrLt              
E-180	        F-16A		nn                  
581	        Mi-24D		87HHE               
L-01	        PC-7		131(EMVO)sq         
28	        IAR330		58 Regt             
HW310/Y7	Hawk T51	KouLLv
HW327/F2	Hawk T51	KouLLv
HW329/G4	Hawk T51	KouLLv
HW339/J1	Hawk T51	KouLLv
HW347/C3	Hawk T51	KouLLv
3C-JA*, 3C-JC*	AB206A		FlRg1/2, Kleeblatt c/s
3C-JF*, 3C-JI	AB206A		FlRg1/2, Kleeblatt c/s
3C-JM*		AB206A		FlRg1/2, Kleeblatt c/s
3C-OC*, 3C-OD*	OH-58B		FlRg1/3
5D-HQ*, 5D-HT*	AB212	        FlRg1/1
5D-HU*, 5D-HV*	AB212	        FlRg1/1
5D-HW*, 5D-HX*	AB212	        FlRg1/1
5S-TA*, 5S-TB*	SC-7-3M	        FlRg1/4
3H-FB*, 3H-FE*	PC-7	        FlS    
3H-FF*, 3H-FG	PC-7	        FlS    
3H-FH, 3H-FJ	PC-7	        FlS    
3H-FK, 3H-FM*	PC-7	        FlS    
3H-FO, 3H-FP*	PC-7	        FlS    
EC-101		CN235-300	FlRgt1   
EC-296	        C295		CASA   
LY-AOM	        Yak-52          c/n 878101
OE-AFE	        L-18A		'2C-AW'
OE-AFU	        L-18A		'2C-AT'
OE-KSD		Saab 91D
UR-48086	An-32P		Antonov OKB

F-5Es of the Patrouille Suisse:
J-3081		J-3084		J-3087
J-3082		J-3085		J-3091

MB339As of the Frecce Tricolori:
MM54475/1	MM54536/5	MM54485/9
MM54546/2	MM54543/6	MM54482/13
MM54517/3	MM54480/7	MM54486/-
MM54500/4	MM54473/8

Those marked * participated in the Wildnis Luft finale

MM62026		Falcon 50	93º Gr, on 30th
MM62029		Falcon 50	93º Gr, on 29th
MM62145/46-50	G222PROCIV	2º Gr, on 29th
MM81152/51-73	AB212AM		651º SC, on 30th
T-781		Lj35A		VIP Flt, on 30th
T-783		Falcon 50	VIP Flt, on 30th

02		J35Ö		FlRg2/UbW hangar far side
12		J35Ö		FlRg2/UbW        
3A-BB	        Fiat G46-4B	pres gate
3A-BM	        L-19E		pres             
3A-CO	        L-19A		pres
OE-AFE, OE-AFU	PA-18-150        
OE-AKA	        Fi.167C-S.14B            
OE-BXE	        AB206B		Grenzschutz      
OE-XED		EC135		Generali
OE-XLM	        Bell 206B
RA-01480	Su-26		Breitling
RA-44519	Su-26	        Breitling
RA-44540	Su-26	        Breitling

Heliport static side:
5D-HK, 5D-HS	AB212		FlRg1/1
3C-JG, 3C-JH	AB206A	        FlRg1/2
3C-OL		OH-58B	        FlRg1/3
3E-KB, 3E-KF	SE3160	        FlRg2  
3E-KR		SA316B	        FlRg2  

Heliport far side:
5D-HC, 5D-HH	AB212		FlRg3/1
5D-HO		AB212	        FlRg3/1
3E-KC, 3E-KJ*	SE3160	        FlRg2  
3E-KK, 3E-KL	SE3160	        FlRg2  
3E-KT, 3E-KV	SA316B	        FlRg2  

Flying only:
J-616, J-870	F-16A		312sq    
J-649		F-16B	        312sq    
T-264		KDC-10	        334sq    
05, 06, 10	J35Ö	        FlRg2/UbW
13, 14, 16	J35Ö	        FlRg2/UbW
19, 21, 22	J35Ö	        FlRg2/UbW
23, 24		J35Ö	        FlRg2/UbW
RC23, RE25	Saab 105Ö	FlRg3/UbW
RJ30, GB12	Saab 105Ö	FlRg3/UbW
BB32, YB02	Saab 105Ö	FlRg3/UbW
YD04, YJ10	Saab 105Ö	FlRg3/UbW
OE-LFP		Fokker 70	Austrian

Extra 300s of the Royal Jordanian Falcons:

And the Red Arrows participated with the following Hawk T1/T1As:
XX227	XX266	XX307
XX233 	XX292	XX308
XX253	XX294
XX264	XX306

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