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Zeltweg 2005

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Date: 25/26 June 2005

Made by: Scra

Updated: 23 March 2007

FA94			F-16AM		31sm		tiger mks
FA106	                F-16AM	        10w              
E-603	                F-16AM	        nmks             
E-609	                F-16AM	        Esk 726          
ET-210	                F-16BM	        Esk 726          
P-276, P-288		AS550C2	        Esk 724          
30+10			EF2000(T)	JG73   		towed to North side
38+29	                F-4F		JG74           
46+36	                Tornado ECR	JBG32  
264	                PC-9M		IAC/FTS        
L-01	                PC-7	        131EMVOsq
144	                F-16D	        330 Mira 
809	                An-26	        Baza 90  
6196	                MiG-21MF-75	Baza 71
L9-64	                PC-9M		15BRVL         
H3-72	                AS532AL		15BRVL         
T.19B-18/35-36		CN235M-100	Ala 35
6070			L-159A   
62-3573/D		KC-135R	        351st ARS
84-0009/LN,86-0176/LN	F-15C	        493rd FS 
88-0435/AV, 89-2038/AV	F-16CG	        555th FS 
39186/186		JAS39A	        F17      
09, 24			J35Ö	        FlRgt 2  
12			J35Ö	        FlRgt 2		spec mks
3C-JE			AB206A	        FlRgt 1  
3C-OK			OH-58B	        FlRgt 1  	spec mks
3E-KK			SE3160	        FlRgt 2  
3G-EE, 3G-EL		PC6/B2-H2	FlRgt 1
3H-FG			PC-7		Fliegerschule   spec mks
5D-HQ	                AB212		FlRgt 3         KFOR mks
5S-TA	                SC7-3M		FlRgt 1                 
6M-BH	                S-70A-42	FlRgt 1         
8T-CB	                C-130K		FlRgt 3                 
GD-14	                Saab 105Ö	FlRgt 3         
D-HEBA	                Bell 47/TH-13T	ex 66-8075              
D-IADM	                Alpha Jet A	ex Germany 41+11
D-IBDM	                Alpha Jet A	ex Germany 41+30
D-ICDM	                Alpha Jet A	ex Germany 40+35
D-IFCC	                CM170		ex Germany 93+02        
HB-HZA			PC-21
F-GSTD/4		A300B4-608St	Airbus Ind.	Sat only
OE-EDM			Ce208		Red Bull
OE-EMD	                PC6/B2-H4	Red Bull        
"7L-WE"			EF2000 Mock-up	

Sportsfield behind static (SE side):
3C-JD, 3C-JG, 3C-JI	AB206A		FlRgt 1
3C-OI			OH-58B	        FlRgt 1
3E-KC,3E-KE,3E-KF,3E-KI	SE3160	        FlRgt 2
3E-KN, 3E-KV, 3E-KZ	SA316B	        FlRgt 2
3E-LA			SE3160	        FlRgt 2
OE-BXA			AB206B		Polizei
These choppers were moving all day.

Flightlines South:
FA119, FA133		F16AM		10w
16/5-OX, 17/5-OZ	Mirage 2000C	EC02.005
10			MiG-29B		59 HRE
CMX7158/RS-12		AMX		311ºGr RSV
MM62152/RS-45		G222TCM		311ºGr RSV
ZH872			Hercules C4	LTW
39155/155, 39161/161	JAS39A		F17
J-5011, J-5013		F/A-18C		FlSt11
3E-KA, 3E-KI		SE3160		FlRgt 2
5D-HX			AB212		FlRgt 3                
D-FHGK	                AT-16		ex Canada FE590        
D-FHGL	                SNJ-5		ex Spain C.6-162       
D-FWME			Bf109G		"7"
G-CVIX	                Sea Vixen D3	ex XP924       
G-PBYA	                PBY-5A		ex 44-33915            
HB-RVH	                Vampire FB6	ex Swiss J-1103
HB-RVS "J-4015"		Hunter F58	ex Swiss J-4040
HB-RVV			Hunter T68	ex Swiss J-4206
N996DM			DC-6B		Red Bull
N1318			Stearman	ex 42-17438
N6123C	                B-25J		ex 44-86893            
N73544	                L-1049F		Breitling              
OE-AWW			Stearman	ex 42-17223
OE-CCI	                L-19A		ex 3A-CI               
OE-EAS	                F4U-4		ex Bu96995             
OE-ESA	                T-28B		ex Bu138179            
OK-JZE	                Yak-11		"11"                   

The Patrouille Suisse with F-5E Tigers:
J-3083	J-3084	J-3085	J-3086
J-3087	J-3090	J-3091

Patrulla Aguila with C101EB Aviojets:
E.25-86/79-32/-	E.25-21/79-21/1	E.25-28/79-28/2
E.25-26/79-26/3	E.25-06/79-06/4	E.25-23/79-23/5
E.25-01/79-01/6	E.25-07/79-07/7
The 79-32 was also noted wearing code "5", while the 79-23/5 was
the spare aircraft during the show!

And the Red Arrows with Hawk T1($)/T1A/T1W(#)'s:
XX179#	XX227	XX233$	XX242$
XX253	XX260	XX264	XX266
XX292#	XX294$	XX306

Flightlines North:
R87/61-ZE		C-160R		ET00.061
J-055			F-16AM		306sq		spec mks
J-632			F-16AM		311sq
15208, 15218, 15247	Alpha Jet A	Esq103/301
L9-69			PC-9M		15BRVL
ZD354/21, ZD380/28	Harrier GR7	20(R)sq
ZD407/36		Harrier GR7	20(R)sq		spec mks
T-337			AS532UL		LtSt6
01, 03, 05, 06		J35Ö		FlRgt 2
3C-OA, 3C-OB		OH-58B		FlRgt 1		Air pwr
3C-OG, 3C-OL		OH-58B		FlRgt 1		Air pwr
3E-KG			SE3160		FlRgt 2
3E-KS, 3E-KX		SA316B		FlRgt 2
3G-EF			PC6/B2-H2	FlRgt 1
5D-HD, 5D-HJ, 5D-HK	AB212		FlRgt 3
5D-HF, 5D-HG		AB212		FlRgt 3		Air pwr
5D-HO, 5D-HP		AB212		FlRgt 3		Air pwr
6M-BA, 6M-BB, 6M-BE	S-70A-42	FlRgt 1		Air pwr
6M-BF			S-70A-42	FlRgt 1
6M-BI			S-70A-42	FlRgt 1		Air Pwr
GF-16			Saab 105Ö	FlRgt 3		tiger mks
35513/13		J35J		dump/BDRT
35531			J35J		nn		"Silvos GTV"
OE-KCD			Saab 91D	ex 3F-SU
OE-KHO			Saab 91D	ex 3F-SQ
OE-KSD			Saab 91D	ex 3F-SH
OE-KSS			Saab 91D	ex 3F-SS

Plus the Alpha Jets of the Patrouille de France and the MB339s of the
Frecce Tricolori.

Grassfield behind main gate:
5D-HB, 5D-HI		AB212		FlRgt 2
5D-HT, 5D-HV		AB212		FlRgt 2
These choppers also took part in the Air Power demonstration.

In/around northside Draken hangar:
02, 04, 10, 13, 15, 22	J35Ö		FlRgt 2

In big Hangar 2:
30+17			EF2000		JG73
08			J35Ö		FlRgt 2		spec mks
21			J35Ö		FlRgt 2
1x			Saab 105Ö	FlRgt 3
Draken 21 was also towed to and from another hangar.

Maintenance hangar:
3H-FM			PC-7		Fliegerschule

Shelter to the left of big hangar 1:
1x			J35		nn

Opening flying display:
J-3004, J-3036		F-5E		FlRgt 2
J-3038, J-3057		F-5E		FlRgt 2
RF-26, RH-28, RJ-30	Saab 105Ö	FlRgt 3
BB-32, BE-35, BG-37	Saab 105Ö	FlRgt 3
On the 25th was Saab 105Ö BE-35 was replaced by BI-39.

"25"			J35D		pres on pole
3A-CO			L-19A		pres
3F-SR			Saab 91D	pres near press centre

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