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Zeltweg 2011

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Date: 01-02 July 2011

Made by: Scramble


5D-HZ               AB212           1 LTHubSt (spec marks)
3E-KX               SE3160          VbHubSt
8T-CC               C-130K          LTSt
7T-WF, 7L-WO        EF-2000         ÜbwGeschwader 
3C-OK               OH-58B          MZHubSt (spec marks)
3H-FG               PC-7            Fliegerschule (spec marks)
3G-EF               PC-6            LLTSt (spec marks)
6M-BE               S-70A           MTHubSt
1116/GF-16          S105Ö           Düsentrainerst
H07                 A109BA          WingHeli
ST-40               SF260M+         5sm
47/102-EP           Mirage 20005F   EC02.005
30+10               EF2000(T)       JG74
46+46               Tornado ECR     JBG32
72+33               UH-1D           THR30
43                  JAS39D          59 SDRB
262                 PC-9M           FTS
38                  MiG-29          Polish AF 1 ELT
71386               An-26           138 mtae
23645               G-4             252 stae
314/ZK082           EF2000          3sq/RSAF
0820                Mi-17           Vrtul’níkovék 
L9-69               PC-9M           LETS
J-5026              F/A-18C         Flst.17
ZA604/068           Tornado GR4     14sq
ZA560/050           Tornado GR4     nmks
84-0085             C-21A           76th AS
06-8612/RS          C-130J-30       37th AS
OE-BXA              EC135P2+        Polizei
D-FDMA              Do27            private
D-FWJM              An-2            private
D-HLTC              EC155B          Bundespolizei
F-AZVM              N2501           ex 105/62-SI
PH-AJU/44           DC-2            DDA
N2800M              T-28C           ex 146246
YU-YAB              G-2             ex 23170 

Red Bull static/flightlines:
D-HEBA              TH-13T          ex 66-8075
D-IBDM              Alpha Jet       ex 41+30
D-ICDM              Alpha Jet       ex 40+35
D-IFDM              Alpha Jet       ex 40+90
D-HSDM, D-HTDM      Bo105C          Red Bull
N11FX               TAH-1F          Red Bul
N25Y                P-38L           ex 44-53254
N6123C              B-25J           ex 44-86893
N991DM              Cessna 337      Red Bull
N996DM              DC-6B           ex 7511
OE-AMM              PT-13D          ex 42-16869
OE-EAS              F4U             ex 96995
OE-EMD              PC-6            Red Bull
OE-XFB              EC135           Red Bull

In front of Typhoon barns :
1134/BD-34          S105Ö           Düsentrainerst 
1140/BJ-40          S105Ö           Düsentrainerst 
1104/YD-04          S105Ö           Düsentrainerst
1109/YI-09          S105Ö           Düsentrainerst 
1126/RF-26          S105Ö           Düsentrainerst

Typhoon hangar/flying:
7L-WC               EF2000          ÜbwGeschwader
7L-WG               EF2000          ÜbwGeschwader
7L-WI               EF2000          ÜbwGeschwader
7L-WK               EF2000          ÜbwGeschwader  
7L-WL               EF2000          ÜbwGeschwader  

Flightline south:
8T-CA               C-130K          LuTSta
9235                JAS39C
6053                L-159 
E107/F-TEUD         Alpha Jet E     EAC00.314 
E148/705-LU         Alpha Jet E     EAC00.314
3911                MiG-29AS        Zmiesané krídl
CSX62219/RS-50      C-27J           311° Gruppo RSV
ES-TLF/5, ES-TLG/3  L-39C           Breitling Team
ES-YLF/6, ES-YLI/4  L-39C           Breitling Team
ES-YLP/7, ES-YLS/2  L-39C           Breitling Team
ES-YLX/1            L-39C           Breitling Team
HB-RVV              Hunter T68      ex J-4206
SP-YNZ              MiG-15UTI       ex 006
D-IMTT ‘501244’       Me262B          EADS
HB-HZC              PC-21           Pilatus
D-FWME              HA1112          ex C.4K-75
D-FHGL/08           SNJ5 Texan      ex 48-14713

Far side flightlines:
5D-HJ, 5D-HK        AB212           1THSSta
5D-HN, 5D-HV        AB212           lTHSSta
5D-HX, 5D-HY        AB212           lTHSSta
6M-BC, 6M-BG        S-70A-42        mTHSSta
6M-BH, 6M-BI        S-70A-42        mTHSSta
3E-KA, 3E-KC        SE3160          VeHSSta
3E-KE, 3E-KF        SE3160          VeHSSta
3E-KG, 3E-KH        SE3160          VeHSSta
3E-KI, 3E-KT        SE3160          VeHSSta
3C-OA, 3C-OB, 3C-OE OH-58B          MzHSSt
3C-OH, 3C-OI, 3C-OJ OH-58B          MzHSSt
3C-OL               OH-58B          MzHSSt
3G-EE, 3G-EG, 3G-EH PC-6/B2-H2      lLuTSta
3G-EJ, 3G-EL        PC-6/B2-H2      lLuTSta
3H-FF, 3H-FN        PC-7            Lehrabteilung
H28                 A109BA          Wing Heli
FA95, FA110         F-16AM          2w
7360                Mi-35           221.lbvr
056, 057, 062, 063  PC-9M           ETZ
066, 067, 068       PC-9M           ETZ
73+63               UH-1D           THR30
J-015, J-512        F-16AM          322sq/323sq
J-5017              F/A-18C         Flst.17 
HB-ZJF              Bo105C          private
OE-AFC              PA18            ex 2A-AO 
OE-AIO              PA18            private
OE-CCI              L19E            ex 3A-BI
OE-KSS              S-91D           ex 3F-SS

Hawk Mk65 Saudi Hawks/88sq:
8805, 8806, 8807, 8808   8810, 8811, 8813, 8814   

F-5E, Patrouille de Suisse:
J-3082/5, J-3083/6, J-3084/4, J-3086,J-3087/1, J-3090/3   

NF-5A/B* 134 Filo Turkish Stars:
71-3048, 71-3049, 71-3066,70-4009*, 71-4017*    

Hangar II (closed)
At least 5x  PC-7  Lehrabteilung

35339               J-35D           ex Sweden  as ‘25’
3A-CO               L-19A           ex Austria

Helipad western end:
5D-HS               AB212           ITHSSta
6M-BF               S-70A-42        MTHubSt

Helipad near main gate:
3E-KS, 3E-KR, 3E-KU SE3160          VeHSSta  
5D-HF               AB212           ITHSSt 
6M-BB               S-70A-42        MTHubSt

Helipad at sports field:
5D-HB               AB212           ITHSSta
3E-KL, 3E-KP, 3E-LC SE3160          VeHSSta 
Also present was Frecce Tricolore with eleven of their MB339As. Tucked away in a hangar on the far side was Saudi EF2000 315/ZK083.

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