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Zeltweg 2013

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Zeltweg Airpower 2013
Date: 28 June 2013
3C-OK OH-58B MzHSSta  
3E-KU Alouette 3 VeHSSta  
3G-EF PC6/B2 IluTSta  
3H-FK PC7 LehrFlache  
5D-HJ AB212 2st/ITHSSta  
6M-BI S70A-42 mTHSSta  
7L-WC EF2000 UbwGeschwader  
GF-16 Saab J105Ö Dusentrainerstaffel  
FA129 F-16AM nb  
455 C295M 242.tdl  
6067 L-159T1 $
9240 JAS39C  
45/116-EF Mirage 2000-5F EC01.002  
45+92 Tornado IDS JBG33  
57+04 Do228-212 MFG3  
60+01 P-3C MFG3 $
70+88 UH-1D LTG61 $
73+74 UH-1D nb  
83+20 Sea Lynx Mk88A MFG3  
89+51 Sea King Mk41 MFG5  
35 JAS39C MH 59. Sz.D. REB.  
MM7307/37-01 EF2000 18° Gruppo  
24 C295M 13.eltr  
7411 Su-22M-4 31.BLT  
15211, 15236 Alpha Jet A Esq103 $
CE.16-04/11-73 EF2000T Ala11  
T.21-04/35-42 C295M 353Esc  
71386 An-26 138tae  
5252 L-39CM ZmK  
845 Mi-17 VrK  
L9-64 PC9M LETS  
J-5017 FA-18C FlSt17  
XX203/CC, XX321/CI Hawk T1A 100sq  
ZK309/QO-P Typhoon FGR4 3sq  
D-EOGE FWP149D ex 91+04  
D-FHGK/15 AT-16 ex U-322/Swiss  
D-FUMY T-28C ex 146246/2S-0749  
F-GLPV Alouette 2 ex 1443/Gendarmerie  
OE-BXE EC135P2 Polizei  
Flightlines Static side:
FA-84 F-16AM 2w $
J-015 F-16AM nb $
J-021 F-16AM nb  
A-913 PC7 (NC) Pilotenrekrutenschule  
3C-OJ OH-58B MzHSSta  
3H-FC, 3H-FG PC7 LehrFlache $
7L-WA, 7L-WE EF2000 UbwGeschwader  
7L-WN EF2000 UbwGeschwader  
8T-CA C-130K LuTSta  
D-ICDM Alpha Jet ex 40+35  
D-IFDM Alpha Jet ex 40+90  
F-AZKM OV-10B as 155454, ex 99+24  
F-AZXJ Sea Fury FB11 as WH589/115-NW, ex Iraqi  
F-AZXS P-51D ex 414237/HO-W  
G-MXVI Spitfire LF.XVIe ex TE184/B-K  
HB-RDG TBM-3R ex 53319/19  
HB-RVV Hunter T68 ex J-4206  
I-RVEG MB326E ex MM54168/6-43  
N11FX TAH-1F composite  
N996DM DC-6B ex GBM-110/Zambia  
NX865SA CT-133 ex 133599  
N6123C B-25J ex 44-86893  
N50429/63 PT-19A ex 42-34539  
OE-EAS/RB-37 F4U-4 ex 96995  
OE-XDM Bell47G-3B-1    
T7-FMA PC7 ex A-907  
YU-YAB G2A ex 23170  
Saab J105Ö of the Dusentrainerstaffel:
1135/BE-35, 1139/BI-39, 1126/RF-26, 1129/RI-29, 1130/RJ-30
MB339A/PAN of 313° Gruppo/Frecco Tricolori:
MM54538/1, MM55058/2, MM54534/3, MM55055/4, /5, MM54473/7
MM54479/8, MM55054/9, MM54514/10, MM54482/12, MM55059/0
Flightlines North side:
3371 Mi-35 221lbvr  
T-323 AS332M1 nb  
3C-OC, 3C-OL OH-58B MzHSSta camo c/s
3C-OA, 3C-OH OH-58B MzHSSta green c/s
5D-HB, 5D-HN AB212 ITHSSta  
5D-HT, 5D-HX AB212 ITHSSta  
6M-BE, 6M-BF S70A-42 mTHSSta  
3E-KA, 3E-KC, 3E-KE Alouette 3 VeHSSta  
3E-KH, 3E-KI, 3E-KJ Alouette 3 VeHSSta  
3E-KN, 3E-KV, 3E-LA Alouette 3 VeHSSta  
3G-EB, 3G-ED, 3G-EE PC6/B2 ILuTSta  
3G-EG, 3G-EH, 3G-EK PC6/B2 ILuTSta  
3G-EN PC6/B2 ILuTSta spec c/s
F-5E of Patroulle Swiss:
J-3082, J-3083, J-3084, J-3087, J-3088, J-3090, J-3091
C101EB of Team Aquila:
E.25-22/79-22/1, E.25-69/79-97/2, E.25-12/79-12/3, E.25-78/79-02/4,
E.25-87/79-29/-, E.25-25/79-25/6, E.25-23/79-23/7 and one coded 8
NF-5A/B of Turkish Stars:
71-4020/1, 70-3004/3, 70-3025/5, 70-3023/6,
71-3052/6, 71-3072/7, 71-3049/8
Emergency Standby Eastern End:
5D-HW AB212 ITHSSta  
3E-KK, 3E-KO, 3E-LC Alouette 3 VeHSSta  
3A-CO L-19A preserved  
-35339 J35D preservad, as 25  
These were park on a grass field along the base fence and could easily be seen from outside. The two preserved aircraft were nearby.
Sports Field Eastern End:
3C-OD OH-58B MzHSSta green
5D-HV AB212 ITHSSta  
6M-BH S70A-42 mTHSSta  
OE-BXY EC135P2 Polizei  
This field was between the above mentioned standby field and the static flight lines. There were with difficulty visible from outside. Same helicopters from the far side did also use this field for some temporary parking.
Emergency Standby Eastern End:
3E-KR Alouette 3 VeHSSta  
5D-HF AB212 ITHSSta  
6M-BB S70A-42 mTHSSta  
The above report is from Friday. A second RAF Typhoon was reported as hangar due to lack of space at the static (sic). Additional aircraft noted on Saturday were a flyby from Dutch KDC-10 T-235 and the arrival of some support aircraft; Italian P1809AM MM62202, Turkish C-160D 021/69-021 and Swiss Beech 1900D T-729.


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