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Al Sakhir 2016

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Sakhir Air Base (Bahrain)

Bahrain International Air Show

21 - 23 Januari 2016

686 F-5E 6th TFS  
210 F-16C 2nd TFS  
504 Hawk Mk129 5th Squadron  
333 UH-60M 3rd Helicopter squadron  
A9C-BDF BAe146/RJ85 Bharain Amiri AF  
972 AH-1F 9th Helicopter  
2884 Bell 407 UAE AF  
2669 UH-60M (Group 26)  
ZH843 Merlin HM2 829NAS  
87-0208/MO F-15E 389th FS  
04-08706 CH-47F 2-3rd Avn  
165202/AG-301 F/A-18C VFA-83  
166620/AG-200 F/A-18F VF-103  
164764/TB-06 MH-53E HM-15  
168579/HW-73 MH-60S HSC-26  
163874/YS-56 AV-8B VMM-162  
164121/YS-55 AV-8B VMM-162  
168602/YS-06 MV-22B VMM-162  
168323/YS-14 MV-22B VMM-162  
A6-AOK A320-214 Air Arabia  
A6-EOP A380-861 Emirates  
A7-ALG A350-941 Qatar Airways  
A7-CGA G650 Qatar Executive  
A9C-AN A320-214 Gulf Air  
A9C-APC B737-33A(SF) Texel Air  
A9C-DHJ B767-281 DHL  
D-CEIS Ce680 E Aviation  
HZ-AK28 B777-368ER Saudi Arabian Airlines  
HZ-SGA A320-232 Saudi Gulf Airlines  
HZ-SKY A340-642ACJ Sky Prime Aviation  
N350KA Beech B350 Beechcraft Corporation  
N630LA AT-6C Beechcraft Corporation  
N867EX Ce208B Cessna Aircraft  
N650GA G650 Gulfstream Aircraft  
P4-CLA B767-2DXER Comlux  
VP-CTB ERJ135BJ Empire Aviation Group  
9K-AKK A320-214 Kuwait Airways  
I-PDVZ SSJ-100-95B Intersky  
KH2014, KH2017 Tejas LCA HAL  
725 Mirage 2000-9 71/76/86sq  
752 Mirage 2000-9EAD 71/76/86sq  
3040, 3081 F-16E Shaheen 1/2sq  
ZJ932/DB Typhoon FGR4 11sq  
ZJ937/DT KH- Typhoon FGR4 11sq  
Dhruv of 151HU/Sarang Team:
J-4041, J4047, J4051, J4059, J4063      
Hawk Mk65/A* of 88sq/Saudi Hawks:
8805*, 8806*, 8807, 8808, 8811*, 8816*, 8820*      
MB339NAT of Al Fursan:
430/4,431,432/3, 434/5, 435/2, 437/6, 439, 440/1, 441/7      
Flying only:
102 F-16C 1st FTS 23
103 F-16C 1st FTS 21
105 F-16C 1st FTS 21, 23
113 F-16C 1st FTS 19
115 F-16C 1st FTS 19, 21, 23
150 F-16D 1st TFS 23
205 F-16C 2ns FTS 19
641 F-5F 6th FTS 19
681 F-5E 6th FTS 19
683 F-5E 6th FTS 19, 20
684, 685 F-5E 6th FTS 20, 21, 23
688 F-5E 6th THS 21, 23
BPS-2 Bell 412 EP Police Aviation 21
04-4062/HH F-22A 199th FS HI ANG  
A9C-DHE B757-225(PCF) DHL  
The aircraft on the 19th and 20th were flypast practices. During the showdays there was an unread UH-60L which dropped a parachute team      
Support Aircraft (24th):
CB8008, CB8009 C-17A 81sq  
468 C-130H 4sq  
ZH889 Hercules C5 (1312Flt)  

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