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Tejgaon 2021

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Tejgaon (Bangladesh)

Victory Day parade

16 December 2021

Group 1:
S3-BRB Mi-171Sh Army with soldiers and para commando brigade flag
S3-BRK Mi-171Sh Army with soldiers and 9th infantry division flag
Group 2:
S3-BRT C295W Army  
Group 3:
S3-BRC DA40NG Army  
S3-BRG DA40NG Army  
S3-BRI DA40NG Army  
Group 4:
S3-BFR Ce152A Army  
S3-BML Ce152A Army  
S3-BZM Ce152A Army  
Group 5:
S3-BPH Bell 206L-4 Army  
S3-BSJ Bell 206L-4 Army  
Group 6:
S3-BRA Bell 407GXi Army  
S3-BRN Bell 407GXi Army  
Group 7:
S3-BMO AS365N3+ Army  
S3-BSI AS365N3+ Army  
Group 8:
S3-BRJ Mi-171Sh Army  
S3-BRP Mi-171Sh Army  
Group 9:
S3-VHQ/314-01 Do228NG Navy  
S3-VHR/314-02 Do228NG Navy  
Group 10:
S3-VHA AW109E Navy  
S3-VHB AW109E Navy  
Group 11:
S3-CRM Bell 407 Police  
S3-CRP Bell 407 Police  
Group 12:
F934 F-7BG 5sq  
F943 F-7BG 5sq  
2715 F-7BGI 35sq  
2702 FT-7BGI 35sq  
28375 MiG-29UB 8sq  
Group 13:
Group 14:
F938 F-7BG 5sq  
1414 F-7MB 5sq  
1427 F-7MB 5sq  
Group 15:
15101 Yak-130 21sq  
1510. Yak-130 21sq  
1510. Yak-130 21sq  
1511. Yak-130 21sq  
15115 Yak-130 21sq  
Group 16:
14324 K-8W 15sq  
14327 K-8W 15sq  
19335? K-8W 15sq  
Group 17:
2713 PT-6 11sq yellow c/s
2714 PT-6 11sq yellow c/s
2719 PT-6 11sq yellow c/s
2721 PT-6 11sq yellow c/s
Group 18:
5621 PT-6 11sq green c/s
6102 PT-6 11sq green c/s
6103 PT-6 11sq green c/s
6107 PT-6 11sq green c/s
Group 19:
2708 PT-6 11sq yellow c/s
2710 PT-6 11sq yellow c/s
2711 PT-6 11sq yellow c/s
2712 PT-6 11sq yellow c/s
Group 20:
3011/S3-AVA L-410UVP-E20 103sq  
3014/S3-AVB L-410UVP-E20 103sq  
3015/S3-AVC L-410UVP-E20 103sq  
Group 21:
1701/S3-ACA An-32A 3sq  
3505/S3-ACD An-32B 3sq  
99-5479/S3-AGE C-130 101sq  
Group 22:
613 AW139 1sq  
811 AW139 1sq  
812 AW139 1sq  
Group 23:
135 AW119Kx 18sq  
136 AW119Kx 18sq  
BH286 Bell 206L-4 18sq  
Group 24:
BH297 Bell 212 9sq  
Bell 212 9sq  
BH971 Bell 212 9sq  
Group 25:
748 Mi-171 1sq with Bangladesh flag
203 Mi-17 1sq with army flag
216 Mi-17-1V 1sq with navy ensign
411 Mi-171Sh 1sq with air force flag
Group 26:
K-8W 15sq Solo display
Group 27:
36507 MiG-29 8sq Solo display

The yearly parade, as extracted from online photos and videos. The army and navy aircraft overflew after about 30 minutes into the parade and the air force delegation from around 50 minutes, with ground parade sections before and in between.

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