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Antwerpen 2004

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Date: 22 May 2004

Made by: Alex Smit


OO-GWC       	SV4C        		French AF c/s    no 1
OO-PAX        	SV4B
OO-KAT        	SV4E
OO-PAM        	SV4B            	Belgian AF V-48
OO-GWA       	SV4C            	Belgian AF V-66
OO-SVB/43  	SV4B            	no 1185
G-AIYG       	SV4B            	no 21
OO-EIR        	SV4B            	Belgian AF V-4
OO-SVS       	SV4C            	French AF RL-N no 320
OO-PWA      	SV4C
OO-SVT       	SV4E
OO-LYR       	SV4C
OO-VSV       	SV4
N755JM       	DHC2            	Marines
HB-RCB         	HB-RCB         		Swiss AF A-859
G-TIPS         	Tipsy
OO-JEN        	S91
F-BMDY        	RF3
G-AMTF        	DH82A          		RAF T7842
G-FBWH        	Pa28
ES-YLX         	L39
OO-OAA        	Pa18            	Dutch AF R-213
PH-GAZ         	Pa18            	Dutch AF R-109
PH-IIB          AT-6            	Dutch AF B-118
OO-VIK         	Pa18
OO-MAH       	Pa28
OO-WAR       	Pa28
OO-MMJ       	C172
OO-MLF         	Seneca III
OO-TMT        	Pa28            	Ben Air Flight Academy
OO-WWE      	C152
OO-FTO        	C172R
OO-KMP        	C152
OO-CUD        	C172N           	Airborne
N4109C         	AT-6G           	USAF 
PH-MLM        	AT-6            	Dutch AF B-71
OO-TGM       	DH82A
D-ECBW        	P149D           	German AF 92+19
OO-RAV        	Piper Lance 300
G-OXVI         	Spitfire LF16e  	RAF TD248/HF-L
SE-GUZ        	AG-5
PH-TAT        	Slepcev Storch Mk4  	German AF A2+BL          no 0049
OO-VLJ        	Fokker 50        	VLM
G-OPNH        	Lancair
PH-LIK         	Pa18                 	Dutch AF R-344
G-CBBR         	Yak52
G-IIIG         	Stearman          	US Army 309 

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