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Balen-Keiheuvel 1996

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Date: 2 June 1996

Made by:


H24, H46              A109HA       17BnHATk
ST33                  SF260M       5sm/The Swallows
FU197                 F-84F        preserved
MT29                  CM170R       instr. airframe
D-FBAW                An-2T        '804'
OO-EBL                VL Viima II  'VI-3'
OO-GWC                SV4a         '1'
OO-MOR                MS.315Ed2    '279/IU'
OO-OAA                L-21A        'R-213'
OO-STO                MS.505
OO-SVS                SV4c         '320/RL-N'
OO-SVV                SV4b         '58'
PH-KNG                L-21A        'R-126'
N11T                  P-51D        '44-74425/OC-G'
N131EB                Bü131        'E.3B-478'
.....                 Auster AOP9  'VX118'
.....                 Tiger Moth   'PG671/26'

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