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Balen-Neet 1994

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Date: 19 August 1994

Made by: Frits van Hout


265/K 		UH-14A Lynx 		R. Neth. Navy	WA-023
74-22281    	CH-47C  		USAr        	B-700
79-0062/BT 	F-15C   		USAF    	608/C131
80-0233/WR 	A-10A   		USAF    	0583
82-0654/WR 	A-10A   		USAF    	0702
B-11/LK    	BN-2 Islander   	Belgian Army    549
C-10    	Fokker F.27-300M    	R. Neth. AF     10160
FU-197  	F-84F   		ex-Belgian AF '52-6584'
XV462/U   	Phantom FGR.2   	RAF    		3243
XV475/S   	Phantom FGR.2   	RAF    		3314
XV498/R   	Phantom FGR.2   	RAF    		3466
ZE477   	Lynx III    		Westland        310/001P
G-BDET  	DHC-1   		'RAF' WP851   	C1/0736
HA-MEU  	An-2            			1G430
OO-43   	Breezy RLU-1            		5537
OO-595  	Quicksilver MX.II           		1751
OO-643  	Falcon          			500192
OO-90   	'Fw.190' (½ scale)          		209
OO-99   	Sonnerai II         			919-11-L
OO-ACG  	PA18            			18-3216
OO-ACK  	PA18            			18-3146
OO-ADY  	MS.892          			10591
OO-AFK  	PA28T           			28R-7918249
OO-AWC  	C.152           			1514
OO-CNC  	C.172           			1440
OO-CNH  	C.172           			0596
OO-DAC  	Schweizer SGU-2         		19
OO-FIR  	PA18            			18-1371
OO-FTL  	MS.885          			5395
OO-GDH  	PA18            			18-3131
OO-HBR  	C.172           			1484
OO-KEI  	Rhönlerche      			    -
OO-KIS  	PA28            			28-7505247
OO-KIZ  	PA28T           			28R-7931222
OO-LAT  	CAP 10          			73
OO-LOT  	PA18            			18-3218
OO-LVM  	PA18            			18-3205
OO-LWB  	PA18            			18-3925
OO-MBV  	Rallye 110          			3210
OO-MEH  	D.H.82 Tiger Moth           		82309
OO-MVG  	C.172           			1130
OO-PAX  	Stampe SV.4         			1147
OO-PUS  	Erla Ercoupe            		4577
OO-RAK  	Erla Ercoupe    	'Belgian AF'    4789
OO-SMK  	SF.260  Sabena      			2-49
OO-SPS  	PA18            			18-1555
OO-SZW  	H.36 Dimona         			3609
OO-TRF  	C.152           			0382
OO-VPJ  	Do27            			446
OO-VZL  	PA18            			18-566/2266
OO-WAF  	C.150           			0148
OO-WIO  	C.150           			0183
OO-ZAO  	K.8         				8628
OO-ZBF  	K.6         				4055
OO-ZBM  	Cirrus          			654
OO-ZBQ  	LS-3            			3128
OO-ZDE  	SZD-42          			B-792
OO-ZET  	K.7         				7079
OO-ZHA  	K.7         				549
OO-ZJA  	Pik-20          			20635
OO-ZKL  	Grob G.103          			3619
OO-ZUB  	Rhönlerche          			-
PH-BKT  	Noorduyn AT-16  'R. Neth. AF' 'B-135' 	14A-1020
PH-CAR  	Fuji 200            			210
PH-EAH  	PA28            			28-7990445
PH-PGP  	Pitts S-2           			2186

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