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Beauvechain 1984

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Date: 20 June 1984

Made by: Marcel van Beek


AT-02          Alpha Jet             9 Wing 
B-12/LL        BN.2A                 nn 
CH-10          C-130H                20 Sm/15 Wing 
FA-04          F-16A                 350 Sm/1 Wing 
FA-16          F-16A                 349 Sm/1 Wing 
FA-33          F-16A                 350 Sm/1 Wing 
FU-192         F-84F                 nn preserved 
CS-03          HS.748-238            21 Sm/15 Wing 
BA-57          Mirage 5BA            1 Sm/3 Wing 
K-4018         NF-5B                 313 Sqn 
K-4029         NF-5B                 313 Sqn 
XV430/C        Phantom FGR.2         19 Sqn 

MT-43          CM.170                33 Sm/9 Wing 
FA-02          F-16A                 350 Sm/1 Wing 
FA-09          F-16A                 349 Sm/1 Wing 
FA-10          F-16A                 1 Wing 
FA-15          F-16A                 350 Sm/1 Wing 
FA-22          F-16A                 350 Sm/1 Wing 
FA-43          F-16A                 349 Sm/1 Wing 
FA-44          F-16A                 350 Sm/1 Wing 
FA-51          F-16A                 350 Sm/1 Wing 
FB-03          F-16B                 1 Wing 
BA-15          Mirage 5BA            1 Sm/3 Wing 
BA-44          Mirage 5BA            1 Sm/3 Wing 
BD-11          Mirage 5BD            3 Wing 
ST-27          SF.260MB              EVS 
XV472/E        Phantom FGR.2         19 Sqn 

Maintenance hangar: 
FA-12          F-16A                 350 Sm/1 Wing 
FA-18          F-16A                 350 Sm/1 Wing 
FA-19          F-16A                 350 Sm/1 Wing 
FA-21          F-16A                 349 Sm/1 Wing 
FA-28          F-16A                 350 Sm/1 Wing 
FA-32          F-16A                 350 Sm/1 Wing 
FB-06          F-16B                 1 Wing 
FB-09          F-16B                 1 Wing 

350 Sm hangar: 
MT-42          CM.170                33 Sm/9 Wing 
FB-07          F-16B                 1 Wing 
FB-08          F-16B                 1 Wing 

Other hangars: 
FA-17          F-16A                 349 Sm/1 Wing 
FA-20          F-16A                 349 Sm/1 Wing 
FA-23          F-16A                 349 Sm/1 Wing 
FB-04          F-16B                 1 Wing 
FB-05          F-16B                 1 Wing 
FB-11          F-16B                 1 Wing 

FA-01          F-16A                 349 Sm/1 Wing 
FA-06          F-16A                 349 Sm/1 Wing 
FA-30          F-16A                 349 Sm/1 Wing 
FA-40          F-16A                 349 Sm/1 Wing 

FU-125         F-84F                 nn decoy 
FU-143         F-84F                 nn decoy 
FU-184         F-84F                 nn decoy 
FU-186         F-84F                 nn decoy 

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