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Beauvechain 1992

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Date: 5 September 1992

Made by:

Updated: 23 March 2007

A92         SA318C          Rijkswacht 
AT19        Alpha Jet       9w 
BR17        Mirage 5BR      42sm 
FA25        F-16A           349sm   		anniversary c/s 
FA111       F-16A           1sm   		anniversary c/s 
FA120       F-16A           2sm   		anniversary c/s 
H08         A109BA          nn 
MT31        CM170R          33sm 
ST41        SF260D          5sm 
2507        An-26           1SMDLP 
2341        L-39ZA          11SLP 
5918        MiG-29          11SLP 
E-174       F-16A           Esk727 
ET-615      F-16B           Esk727 
T-432       T-17            Karup SF 
101         Da10MER         57S 
7           F-8E(FN)        12F 
23          F-8E(FN)        12F 
28/2-LN     Mirage 2000C    EC3/2 
4368        Tornado         MFG1 
4574        Tornado         MFG2 
A-495       SE3160          GpLV 
B-45        Bo105CB         299sq 
J-262       F-16B           323sq 
5506        A-7P            304Esq 
5544        A-7P            304Esq 
88-0013     F-16D           4AHU 
88-0020     F-16C           4AHU 
5722/8-722  TF-104G         181Filo 
XT280/280   Buccaneer S2B   12sq 
ZD576/BC    Chinook HC1     18sq 
XX254/254   Hawk T1A        19sq 
XV487/G     Phantom FGR2    74sq 
XW222/BX    Puma HC1        18sq 
ZE288/GG    Tornado F3      43sq 
ZE731/GK    Tornado F3      43sq 
ZE941/DY    Tornado F3      11sq 
77-0099/CR  F-15C           32FS 

Shelter static:
FA09	    F-16A	    OCS
FB05	    F-16B	    OCS

Hangar static:
FA91        F-16A           23sm   		nb 

Maintenance hangar near parking:
FA01        F-16A           no mks
FA05        F-16A           no mks
FA22        F-16A           350sm
FA23        F-16A           no mks
FA47        F-16A           349sm
FA55        F-16A           349sm
FA91        F-16A           no mks
FA120       F-16A           2sm
FB04        F-16B           no mks
FB08        F-16B           350sm

Hangaar next to dump:
FA106       F-16A            no mks

FA-59       F-16A         
FU-...?     F-84F              
FU-191      F-84F
FU-192      F-84F
FX-04       F-104G
FX-58       F-104G    
FX-76       F-104G
FX-78       F-104G
FX-89       F-104G

A90         SA318C          Rijkswacht 
AT11        Alpha Jet       9w   		special c/s 
AT20        Alpha Jet       9w 
B01/LA      BN-2A           SLV 
CH09        C-130H          20sm 
CS03        BAe748-2A       21sm 
FA10        F-16A           349sm 
FA19	    F-16A	    350sm
FA27        F-16A           349sm 
FA39        F-16A           350sm 
FA40        F-16A           349sm
FA46	    F-16A	    349sm 
FB12        F-16B           OCS 
MT30        CM170R          33sm 
RS03        Sea King Mk40   40sm 
2436        L-39ZA          11SLP 
9207        MiG-29          11SLP 
43          Super Etendard  11F 
A139/11-RC  Jaguar A        EC3/11 
A144/11-RW  Jaguar A        EC3/11 
A153/11-RA  Jaguar A        EC3/11 
4633        Tornado         JBG33 
J-251	    F-16A	    322sq
XX520/2     Bulldog T1      CFS 
XX539/1     Bulldog T1      CFS 
XX230       Hawk T1A        7FTS 
XX281       Hawk T1A        7FTS 
XX965/07    Jaguar GR1A     226OCU 
XM424       Jet Provost T3A 1FTS 
XM466       Jet Provost T3A 1FTS 
XW227/DN    Puma HC1        230sq 

Large hangar near flightlines:
FA04	    F-16A	    no mks
FA19	    F-16A	    no mks
FA20	    F-16A	    350sm

FA38	    F-16A	    350sm

Preserved far side:
FA13	    F-16A	    tail only

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