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Beauvechain 1997

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Date: 25 June 1997

Made by: Scramble, Ian Dennis Old, Pieter van 't Hof, Jan Quist

Updated: 23 March 2007

AT10                  Alpha Jet    1W
AT12, AT14, AT21      Alpha Jet    nm/1W
AT22, AT24, AT33      Alpha Jet    nm/1W
FB10                  F-16B        OCU (1W mks)
FX04                  F-104G       preserved
G94                   SA318C       Gendarmerie
H39                   A109HA       nn
LB06		      Super Cub	   Luchtkadetten (w/o 9.8.92?)
..69		      ASW17	   Luchtkadetten
M2/OT-ZPB             SA316B       40sm
MT40                  CM170R       33sm    spec. c/s
ST15, ST20, ST30      SF260M       5sm
ST32, ST36            SF260M       5sm
ST48                  SF260D       5sm
E132/314-UJ           Alpha Jet E  EAC00.314
473/312-JR            EMB312F      DV05.312
111/315-YB            TB30         EPA00.315
MM55012/70-43         SF260AM      207øGr
XX616/3               Bulldog T1   Manchester UAS
ZF140                 Tucano T1    1FTS

AT26		      Alpha Jet    nm/1W

AT..                  Alpha Jet    nm/1W
ST34                  SF260M       5sm
ST42                  SF260D       5sm

Maintenance hangar:
AT01, AT02            Alpha Jet    1 Wing
AT29, AT32            Alpha Jet    1 Wing
ST12, ST17, ST18      SF-260D      5 Smd
ST27, ST31, ST43      SF-260D      5 Smd
ST44, ST47	      SF-260D      5 Smd
ST..      	      SF-260D      5 Smd (paintshop)

Operational areas/flying:
AT03, AT25	      Alpha Jet	   1 Wing (demo c/s)
H10		      A109HA	   nn
MT04, MT13, MT36      CM170	   33sm
MT40, MT44, MT48      CM170	   33sm
RS04                  S.King Mk48  40sm
ST21, ST22, ST35      SF260D	   5sm (Swallows c/s)
MM55...               SF206AM      207øGr

Flying only:
7x		      F-16A	   nn, base attack
1x		      F-16B	   nn, base attack

FA59		      F-16A
FR32		      RF-84G
ST14		      SF260D
ID26		      Hunter F4
IF83		      Hunter F6

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