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Bierset 1999

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Date: 5/6 June 1999

Made by: Martin Herbert, Peter C. Kesselaa

Updated: 28 July 1999

H05               A109H             17BnHATk        BAr 
H17               A109HO            17BnHATk        BAr 
H35               A109HA            nb              BAr 
B-07/LG           BN2A              SLV             BAr 
A37               SE3130                            BAr 
A62               SA318C                            BAr 
A73               SA318C            16BnHLn         BAr 
A77               SA318C                            BAr 
A78               SA318C            16BnHLn         BAr 
G-10              MD900             Rijkswacht      BAr 
RS02              Sea King Mk48     40sm            BAF        only on Sunday? 
B-4/OT-ZKD        S58C              preserved       BN         ex 40Sm 
M-1/OT-ZPA        SA316B            40Sm            BN 
5430/67-VL        AS555AN           EH02.067        FAF 
5591/ABG          AS555UN           EHADT/6RHCM     FAr 
71+34             UH-1D             LTG61           GAF 
71+71/SAR         UH-1D             FBS BMVg        GAF 
(96+35)           Mi24D             preserved       GAF        ex NVA 530 
84+27             CH-53G            HFR35           GAr 
87+62             Bo105P            HFR36           GAr 
83+10             Lynx Mk88         MFG3            GN 
1001              Mi14PL            2DLMW           PolN 
P-339             AS550C            PVHKmp          RDAr 
H-202             H500M             Haer Flt        RDAr 
H-213             H500M             Haer Flt        RDAr 
XZ338             Gazelle AH1                       AAC 
XZ237/630         Lynx HAS3S        702sq           RN 
ZF124/(Y)L        Sea King HC4      845sq           RN 
S-458             AS532U-2          300sq           RNLAF 
B-41              Bo105CB-4         299sq           RNLAF 
L44/OO-SPQ        L21B              private own     BAr c/s 
F-BSGM            Do 27                             ex GAF 5763 
N2070P/2          Bell 47 G3 
D-HBJM            Alouette 2        BGS             ex GAF 7749 
F-BXXD            Bell 47 G2        nn 
D-HFLY            MD500 E           Deutsche Helikopter Dienst 
OO-MCT            R22 A             Heli & Co 
OO-LEA            R22 A             nn 
D-HSUS            R44               LGM Mannheim 

Hangar (open): 
H25               A109HA            nb              BAr 
H37               A109HA            17BnHATk        BAr 
H39               A109HA            nb              BAr 

Hanger (closed): 
H21               A109HA            nb              BAr 
H23               A109HA            nb              BAr 
H27               A109HA            nb              BAr 
H33               A109HA            nb              BAr 
H34               A109HA            nb              BAr 
H36               A109HA            17BnHATk        BAr 
H45               A109HA            17BnHATk        BAr 

Hangar behind these two hangars: 
H06               A109HO            17BnHATk        BAr 
H31               A109HO            nb              BAr 
H38               A109HA            nb              BAr 
A53               SA318C                            BAr 
A64               SA318C                            BAr 
A66               SA318C                            BAr 
B-01/LA           BN2A              SLV             BAr       outside 
B-08/LH           BN2A              SLV             BAr       outside 

In shelters: 
H01               A109HO                            BAr       shelter W5 
H09               A109HO                            BAr       shelter W13 
H16               A109HO                            BAr       shelter W2 
H18               A109HO                            BAr       shelter W12 
H28               A109HA                            BAr       shelter W2 
H30               A109HA                            BAr       shelter W10 
H32               A109HA                            BAr       shelter W13 

In hangar near shelter W10: 
H08               A109HO                            BAr 
H29               A109HA                            BAr 
H.6               A109                              BAr 
H..               A109                              BAr 

Hangar by bus gate: 
H24               A109HA                            BAr 
H22               A109HA                            BAr 

In hangar near line with French Gazelle: 
H02               A109HO                            BAr 
H40               A109HA                            BAr 
A59               Aloutte 2                         BAr    white c/s, 40th ann. c/s 

Civil side: 
D-ENJA            P.149D                            c/n 024, ex Luftwaffe 90+14 

A43               SA318C            16BnHLn         BAr 
A44               SA318C                            BAr 
A47/2             SA318C                            BAr 
A50/4             SA318C                            BAr 
A69/3             SA318C                            BAr 
A80/1             SA318C            16BnHLn         BAr 
A81               SA318C            16BnHLn         BAr 
H07               A109HO                            BAr 
H10               A109HO                            BAr 
H42               A109HA                            BAr 
1467/ABE          SA341                             FAr 
OO-COP            AB206A            Publi-Air 
OO-HOP            AB206B            Publi-Air 

CH-11             C-130H            20Sm            BAr 
A49               SA318C                            BAr 
A62               SA318C                            BAr 
A77               SA318C                            BAr 
B-03/LC           BN2A              SLV             BAr        on dispersal 
B-05/LE           BN2A              SLV             BAr        on dispersal 
B-09/LI           BN2A              SLV             BAr 
B-10/LJ           BN2A              SLV             BAr        on dispersal 
L47               Auster 

Gate Guard: 
A34               SE3130                            BAF 

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