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Bierset 2001

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Date: 2/3 June 2001

Made by: Scramble,


H-210			H500M		Hær FL         
P-288	                AS550C2		PVHKmp         
U-279	                S61A-1		Esk722         
7072	                UH-1D		LTG61          
8320	                Super Lynx Mk88	MFG3           
(9635)	                Mi-24D		stored, ex GAF 
5593/ABJ	        AS555UN		EHADT          
156/ABT		        TBM700		EMAT           
B-69	                Bo105CB		299sq          
B-77	                Bo105CB		299sq, spec c/s
Q-05	                AH-64DN		302sq          
283	                SH-14D		MARHELI        
329	                Sea King Mk43B	330Skv         
1007	                Mi-14PL		2DLMW          
0812	                Mi-17		34VK           
0786	                Mi-24V1		34VK           
H2-31	                Bell 412HP	15BRVL         
ZH141	                AS355F1		32(TR)sq       
ZH892/BL	        Chinook HC2A	18sq           
XX478/CU-564	        Jetstream T2	750sq          
XZ233/644	        Lynx HAS3S(ICE)	702sq          
XZ257		        Lynx HAS3S	702sq          
ZA935		        Puma HC1	33sq           
XV653/CU-513	        Sea King HAS6	810sq          
XV656/N-187	        Sea King AEW2A	849sq          
XV703/PW-706	        Sea King HAS6	819sq          
ZH544		        Sea King HAR3A	22sq/A Flt     
86-8946		        AH-64A		2/6th Cav      
96-26687	        UH-60L		158th AVN      
A22		        SE3130		16BnHLn        
A37		        SE3130		wfu            
A59		        SA318C		16BnHLn        
B4/OT-ZKD	        HSS-1		preserved      
B01/LA		        BN-2A-21	SLV            
G10		        MD900		Rijkswacht     
H11		        A109HO		SLV            
H26, H30	        A109HA		18BnHATk       
RS04		        Sea King Mk48	40sm           
ST43		        SF260D		5sm            
D-HLTI		        EC155B		BGS, c/n 6576   
OO-LED, OO-LEE	        SV-4		ex FAF 388, 99 
OO-LGB		        L-18C		ex BAF L156    
OO-SPG, OO-SPQ	        L-18C		ex BAF L147, L44
RA-06032	        Mi-26		SkyTech        

Hangar near static (open):
H20			A109HA		18BnHATk

VIP hangar (closed):
H16			A109HO		18BnHATk

8006			Bo105M		HFWS
1467/ABE		SA341F		EHADT
0707			Mi-24V1		34VK
XZ237/630, XZ693/639	Lynx HAS3S	702sq
ZD251/636		Lynx HAS3S	702sq
ZH839/CU-539		Merlin HM1	700Msq
A42, A47, A49, A53	SA318C		16BnHLn
A62, A69, A73		SA318C		16BnHLn
B03/LC, B07/LG, B09/LI	BN-2B-21	SLV
H41			A109HA		17BnHATk

Hangar near main gate (closed):
H05, H08, H14		A109HO		17,18BnHATk
H21, H31		A109HA		18BnHATk

Hangar near main gate (closed):
A50, A74		SA318C		16BnHLn
H04, H06		A109HO		17BnHATk

Back hangar near main gate (closed):
B08/LH			BN-2A-21	16BnHLn

Back hangar near main gate (closed):
H19			A109HA		17BnHATk

Shelter W2:
H18			A109HO		18BnHATk
H33			A109HA		18BnHATk
H27, H39		A109HA		18BnHATk, outside

Shelter W5:
H07			A109HO		17BnHATk
On Sunday, this Agusta was on the flightline.

Shelter W10:
H25, H29		A109HA		18BnHATk

Shelter W13:
H10			A109HO		18BnHATk
H32			A109HA		18BnHATk

Hangar shelter-area:
H12			A109HO		SLV
H23, H28, H40		A109HA		17,18BnHATk

A34			SE3130		preserved

HB-FOO			PC-12/45	Pilatus
LZ-BTZ			Tu-154M		Bulgarian Gvmt
And some more light civil aircraft and helicopters.

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