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Bierset 2003

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Date: 31 May 2003

Made by:


82+60			EC135T1		HFWS
83+25			S. Lynx Mk88A	MFG3
86+56, 87+95		Bo105P		HFR26           
5382/UV			AS355N	        EH02.067        
5608/ABL		AS555UN	        EHADT           
160*			SA321G	        32F             
318*			SA365F1	        35F             
5156/F-ZBAD		AS355F2	        Douanes         
10447			Mi-8PS	        89VSE            
MM81298/72-35	        NH500E	        208°Gr           
MM81304/72-41	        NH500E	        208°Gr, KFOR mks 
B-68		        Bo105CB	        931sq            
D-104		        CH-47D	        298sq            
Q-25		        AH-64D	        301sq            
R-02		        AB412SP	        303sq            
S-457		        AS532U2	        300sq            
271		        SH-14D	        MARHELI          
165, 166	        Bell 412SP	720 skv          
3C-OJ		        OH-58B		FlRgt1/3                 
3C-OK	                OH-58B	        FlRgt1/3, spec mks
0502	                W-3RL	        2eltl             
1010	                Mi-14PL	        2DLMW             
0826	                Mi-17	        3VrK/SlovakAF     
0844	                Mi-17	        3VrK, SFOR mks    
0832	                Mi-24V	        3VrK/SlovakAF     
ZJ140	                AS355F1	        32(TR)sq          
ZJ242/E	                Griffin HT1	60(R)sq/SARTU    
ZH854/CU-580*	        Merlin HM1	824sq            
XW198		        Puma HC1	230sq            
XV673/CU-827	        SeaKing HAS6	771sq            
87-24583	        UH-60A(C)	357th Avn Det    
A49, A57, A69	        SA318C		16BnHLn                  
A73, A75, A78	        SA318C		16BnHLn                  
B08/LH		        BN-2A-21	16BnHLn          
G14	                MD520N		Fed. Politie             
H11	                A109HO	        17BnHATk         
H13	                A109HO	        nb, Medevac      
H18	                A109HO	        18BnHATk, Medevac
H28, H35	        A109HA	        nb               
H30		        A109HA	        nb/17BnHATk      
H37, H38	        A109HA	        17BnHATk         
H40, H41, H44	        A109HA	        nb               
M2		        SA316B	        40sm             
PL85	                G103A	        Luchtkadetten    
RS04*	                Sea King Mk48	40sm             
ST04	                SF260M		5sm                      
ST40	                SF260D	        5sm               
D-HFLO	                R22	        Reibel Air        
D-HOSA	                S-76A	        Wiking Helicopters
D-HRIK	                EC120B	        Heli Transair     
D-HUBY	                R44	        Heli Transair     
D-HVBJ	                EC155B	        BGS               
N412SF	                Bell 47D-1	Busse Helicopters
OO-ASM	                SE313B		Alpha, ex Swiss V-66     
OO-ECB	                EC120B		NHV                      
OO-EMS	                MD900		Air Ambulance            
OO-MDP	                Schw300C	Crown Helicopters
OO-PDP	                Schw269D	Crown Helicopters
OO-RHB	                R44		Crown Helicopters        
OO-VIC	                H269C		Crown Helicopters        
OO-VMR	                H269C		Crown Helicopters        
OO-WLA		        Schw300C	Antwerp Heli     
PH-DHC		        U-6A		ex KLu 'S-9'             
PH-GAZ		        L-21B	        ex KLu 'R-109'   
PH-PPW		        L-21B	        ex KLu 'R-122'   
RA-06021	        Mi-26	        Skytech  
1x			NH90		NHI mock-up, c/n PT-1        
* = also flying

Shelter area:
H10			A109HO		nb

Party area:
(A72)			SA318C		16BnHLn	inside
B01/LA			BN-2A-21	SLV	outside
H22			A109HA		nb	outside

Hangar (display area):
A59			SA318C		16BnHLn
H23			A109HA		nb

Hangar (shelter area):
H09			A109HO		nn
H32, H33		A109HA		nn

Maintenance hangar near entrance:
A22			SE3130		16BnHLn
A53			SA318C		16BnHLn
A54			SA318C		wfu? (dis-assembled)
B11/LK			BN-2B-21	wfu
H15			A109HO		nn
H20, H21, H24, H25	A109HA		nn
H36, H39, H43		A109HA		nn

Small white hangar:
H14, H17		A109HO		nn

Hangar near flightline:
H26, H31		A109HA		nn

71+74			UH-1D		LTG61
87+83			Bo105P1		HFR26
0839			Mi-17		nn/CzechAF
0703, 0812		Mi-24V		331LtBVr/CzechAF
0708			Mi-24V		3VrK/SlovakAF
XZ248/638		Lynx HAS3S	702sq
ZD254			Lynx HAS3S	702sq
XW226			Puma HC1	230sq
A77			SA318C		16BnHLn
B07/LG			BN-2B-21	16BnHLn
H07			A109HO		nn
H46			A109HA		nn

Agusta hangar:
H19			A109HA		nn
According to someone, also H03 should have been here.

Pleasure flights:
OO-DOU			Bell 206	Crown Helicopters
OO-EYP			EC120B		Crown Helicopters
OO-KBT			AB206L		Crown Helicopters
OO-SZO			MD520N		Crown Helicopters

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