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Brustem 1977

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Date: 25 June 1977

Made by: Willy Metze


31        BA31        MIRAGE VBA                   3EME WG/1SMALDEEL 
33        BA33        MIRAGE VBA                   3EME WG/1SMALDEEL 
35        BA35        MIRAGE VBA                   3EME WG/1SMALDEEL 
38        BA38        MIRAGE VBA                   3EME WG/1SMALDEEL 
39        BA39        MIRAGE VBA                   3EME WG/1SMALDEEL 
57        BA57        MIRAGE VBA                   3EME WG/1SMALDEEL 
203       BD03        MIRAGE VBD                   3EME WG/8SMALDEEL 
208       BD08        MIRAGE VBD                   3EME WG/8SMALDEEL 
213       BD13        MIRAGE VBD                   3EME WG/8SMALDEEL 
215       BD15        MIRAGE VBD                   3EME WG/8SMALDEEL 
310       BR10        MIRAGE VBR                   2EME WG/42SMALDEEL 
312       BR12        MIRAGE VBR                   2EME WG/42SMALDEEL 
316       BR16        MIRAGE VBR                   2EME WG/42SMALDEEL 
317       BR17        MIRAGE VBR                   2EME WG/42SMALDEEL 
320       BR20        MIRAGE VBR                   2EME WG/42SMALDEEL 
324       BR24        MIRAGE VBR                   2EME WG/42SMALDEEL 
327       BR27        MIRAGE VBR                   2EME WG/42SMALDEEL 
S9027     FX10        F-104G                       1ER WG 
S9028     FX11        F-104G                       1ER WG 
S9032     FX13        F-104G                       1ER WG 
S9040     FX18        F-104G                       1ER WG 
S9051     FX23        F-104G                       1ER WG 
S9068     FX31        F-104G                       1ER WG 
S9087     FX44        F-104G                       1ER WG 
S9091     FX48        F-104G                       1ER WG 
S9100     FX57        F-104G                       1ER WG 
S9126     FX74        F-104G                       1ER WG 
S9133     FX78        F-104G                       1ER WG 
64-15106  FC03        F-104G                       1ER WG 
LO5107    FC10        F-104G                       1ER WG 
S9176     FX100       F-104G                       10EME WG 
270       MT13        CM170R                       7/9EME SMALDEEL 
271       MT14        CM170R                       7/9EME SMALDEEL 
203       MT47        CM170R                       7/9EME SMALDEEL 
262       MT 5        CM170R                       DIABLES ROUGES 
278       MT21        CM170R                       DIABLES ROUGES 
280       MT23        CM170R                       DIABLES ROUGES 
288       MT31        CM170R                       DIABLES ROUGES 
290       MT33        CM170R                       DIABLES ROUGES 
292       MT35        CM170R                       DIABLES ROUGES 
314       MT39        CM170R                       DIABLES ROUGES 
204       MT48        CM170R                       DIABLES ROUGES 
51-4231   FT06        T-33A                        11EME ESCADRILLE 
51-9248   FT14        T-33A                        11EME ESCADRILLE 
51-17445  FT15        T-33A                        11EME ESCADRILLE 
53-5752   FT28        T-33A                        11EME ESCADRILLE 
55-3047   FT36        T-33A                        11EME ESCADRILLE 
55-3082   FT37        T-33A                        11EME ESCADRILLE 
IF70                  HUNTER F.MK.6                DIABLES ROUGES 
EG244     MN-A        METEOR F.MK.8                DIABLES ROUGES 
1743      CS03        HS748                        15EME WG/21SMALDEEL 
71-1798   CH02        C-130H                       15EME WG/20SMALDEEL 
71-1799   CH03        C-130H                       15EME WG/20SMALDEEL 
71-1802   CH06        C-130H                       15EME WG/20SMALDEEL 
71-1803   CH07        C-130H                       15EME WG/20SMALDEEL 
71-1804   CH08        C-130H                       15EME WG/20SMALDEEL 
71-1808   CH12        C-130H                       15EME WG/20SMALDEEL 
          CF04        MERLIN IIIA                  15EME WG/21SMALDEEL 
          CF..        MERLIN IIIA                  15EME WG/21SMALDEEL 
19402     CB01        B.727                        15EME WG/21SMALDEEL 
10-11     ST11        SF260MB                      EVS-SWALLOWS 
10-17     ST17        SF260MB                      EVS-SWALLOWS 
10-33     ST33        SF260MB                      EVS-SWALLOWS 
10-35     ST35        SF260MB                      EVS-SWALLOWS 
B10       LJ          BN2A                         FTB 
WA831     RS01        SEA KING MK.48               40SMALDEEL 
WA832     RS02        SEA KING MK.48               40SMALDEEL 
WA833     RS03        SEA KING MK.48               40SMALDEEL 
B5/SA146  OT-ZKE      S58/H-34A                    40SMALDEEL 
B8/SA185  OT-ZKH      S58/H-34A                    40SMALDEEL 
1817      M3          ALOUETTE II                  40SMALDEEL 
1565      A12         SA315                        15SMALDEEL/SLV 
XL446                 VULCAN B.MK.2                NO.35 SQN 
K3065                 NF-5A                        NO.316 SQN 
K4021                 NF-5B                        NO.314 SQN 
104839    839         CF104G                       1.CAG/NO.421 SQN 
72-1210   38+00       F-4F                         JG74 
D         31+07       G91R3                        LEKG41 
D 74      50+52       C160D                        LTG63 
68-0379   HR          F-4E                         50TFW/313TFS 
75-0056   BT          F-15A                        36TFW/525TFS 
72-01568              YF-16A                       AFFTC/6512TS 
64-0642               C-141B                       438MAW 
01        RU          ALPHA JET                    CEV 
 94       312-BI      N2501                        GI312 
533       VI          CM170R                       GI312-PAF 
541       VG          CM170R                       GI312-PAF 
545                   CM170R                       GI312-PAF 
555       VA          CM170R                       GI312-PAF 
561       VM          CM170R                       GI312-PAF 
564       VO          CM170R                       GI312-PAF 
565       VP          CM170R                       GI312-PAF 
567       VF          CM170R                       GI312-PAF 
576                   CM170R                       GI312-PAF 
MM6249    1           G91PAN                       313GRUPPO AA/FRECCE 
MM6261    2           G91PAN                       313GRUPPO AA/FRECCE 
MM6250    3           G91PAN                       313GRUPPO AA/FRECCE 
MM6240    4           G91PAN                       313GRUPPO AA/FRECCE 
MM6243    10          G91PAN                       313GRUPPO AA/FRECCE 
MM6310    11          G91R1B                       313GRUPPO AA/FRECCE 
MM6248    12          G91PAN                       313GRUPPO AA/FRECCE 
MM6301    14          G91R1B                       313GRUPPO AA/FRECCE 
MM6254    15          G91PAN                       313GRUPPO AA/FRECCE 
MM6311    15          G91R1B                       313GRUPPO AA/FRECCE 
MM6253    UNCOD.      G91PAN                       313GRUPPO AA/FRECCE 

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