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Brustem 1987

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Date: 27 June 1987

Made by: Martin Herbert, Robert Hobbelman, Uli Seibicke

Updated: 1 September 1999

Static: (* = also show) 
AT06              Alpha Jet E          O&T W BAF 
CH-03             C130H                20Sm BAF 
MT35              CM170R               33Sm BAF 
FA-80             F16A                 31Sm BAF 
FB-03             F16B                 350Sm BAF 
BA16              Mirage 5BA           1Sm BAF 
RS03              Sea King Mk48        40Sm BAF 
ST-29             SF260MB              5Sm BAF 
188747            CF188A               1CAG CAF 
A15/7-IE          Jaguar A             EC3/7 FAF 
262/30-MH         Mirage F1C-200       EC2/30 FAF 
LX-N90448         E3A                  NAEWF NATO 
XX307, XX338      Hawk T1              4FTS RAF 
XV583/BB          Phantom FG1          111sq RAF 
XW221/DE          Puma HC1             230sq RAF 
ZD715/DB          Tornado GR1          31sq RAF 
K-3008, K-3063    NF5A                 314sq RNLAF 
70-1625           CH53C                601TCW USAF 
68-0580/ZR        RF-4C                38TRS USAF 
79-0027/CR        F15C                 32TFS USAF 
68-0016/UH        F111E                55TFS USAF 
23528             AH1S                 8ACR USAr 
0-15849           CH47C                295AvCo USAr 
23685             UH60A                USAr 
37+35             F4F                  JG71 WGAF 
26+41             F104G                JBG34 WGAF 
84+32             CH53G                HFR35 WGAr 

LB-06             L21B                 AC/18Sm BAF 
CS-03             HS748 srs1           21Sm BAF 
BA05              Mirage 5BA           1Sm BAF 
BD04              Mirage 5BD           42Sm BAF 
BD10              Mirage 5BD           2Sm BAF 
BR07, BR09        Mirage 5BR           42Sm BAF 
PL70, PL90        Twin Aster           AC/18Sm BAF 
L-10/LJ           BN.2A                SLV BAr 
G-1               SA330H               Rijkswacht BAr 
A38/7-IH          Jaguar A             EC3/7 FAF 
82/30-FI          Mirage F1C           EC3/30 FAF 
C-7               F27-300M             334sq RNLAF 
79-0026/CR        F15C                 32TFS USAF 
68-0014/UH        F111E                55TFS USAF 
68-0570/ZR        RF4C                 38TRS USAF 
126695/OO-FOR     AD4N                 civil BAF c/s 
V30/OO-MON        SV4B                 civil BAF c/s 
241/PH-ILB        AT16ND               civil DXXI-conversie 
PH-GRY, HOG, HOL  S11-1                Fokker Four civil 
PH-HOI            S11-1                Fokker Four civil 

Alpha Jet E, O&T W, BAF: 
AT01, AT05, AT10, AT12, AT16, AT17, AT19, AT21, AT22, 
AT23, AT24, AT28, AT29 

CM170R, 33Sm, BAF: 
MT23, MT29, MT31, MT33, MT46, MT48, MT49 

F16A, 350Sm, BAF: 
FA-18, FA-30, FA-32, FA-44, FA-51 

SF260MB, 5Sm, BAF: 
ST-12, ST-17, ST-18, ST-21, ST-24 

FA-53             F16A                 350Sm BAF 
EG79/R-S2         Meteor F4            gate guard BAF 
BR25              Mirage 5BR           42Sm BAF 
FT24              T33A                 preserved BAF 

F84F, decoy, BAF: 
FU-21/021,FU-28,  FU-36, FU-66, FU-82, FU-92, FU-105, FU174 

AT08              Alpha Jet E O&T W BAF 
FX39              F104G  BAF 

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