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Brustem 1989

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Date: 10 September 1989

Made by: Frank Klaster, Alex Smit, Joop de Groot

Updated: 2 January 2011

CM-170R           MT-30,31,4,13,34       33 SM 
CM-170R           MT-35,48,49,33,23      33 SM 
ALPHA JET         AT-21,11,13,29,09      9 TW 
ALPHA JET         AT-16,24,15,25,05      9 TW 
ALPHA JET         AT-27                  9 TW 
SF-260MB          ST-35,02,03,04,09      5 SM 
SF-260MB          ST-33                  5 SM 
HURRICANE 2c      PZ865/RF-U             BOBMF 
LANCASTER         PA474/PM-M2            BOBMF 
BR1050            31                     59 S 
ETENDART IVM      3                      59 S 
JET PROVOST T5A   XW404/77               1 FTS 
JET PROVOST T5A   XW370/72               1 FTS 
LYSANDER          2442/MA-D              - 
BN-2A             B-04/OTAL-D            BLD 
SPITFIRE PR19     PS853/C                BOBMF 
SKYRAIDER         126965/OO-FOR          - 
PC-7              L-05                   E.M.V.O. 
T-33A             FT-24                  11 SM, preserved
BUCCANEER S2B     XV869/869              12 SQN 
MIRAGE 5 BR       BR-04                  42 SM 
F-16A             FA-70                  31 SM 
F-16B             FB-01                  1 W 
A-7P              5521                   302 ESQ 
CASA 212E         TE-12.B-41/79-94       AGDA 
ALOUETTE 2        A-75                   18 SM 
ALOUETTE 3        A-267                  G.P.L.V. 
BO-105C           B-68                   299 SQN 
OH-58A            69-16224               4/7 CAV 
AH-1S             67-15716               4/7 CAV 
UH-60A            88-26067               4/7 CAV 
CANBERRA B2       WE113/BJ               231 OCU 
CF-18A            188752                 409 SQN 
SK-35XD           AT-157  351157         ESK 725 
CT-133A           133542                 1 CAD 
PHANTOM FGR2      XV499/CF               221 OCU 
PHANTOM FGR2      XV470/CX               228 OCU 
A-10A             81-0942/WR             91 TFS 
TORNADO F3        ZE760/CF               5 SQN 
TORNADO GR1       ZA546/JB               27 SQN 

SEAKING HAS5      ZE418/502              810 SQN 
SHACKLETON AEW2   WL790/90               8 SQN 
HERCULES C3H      XV202/202              LTW 
F-16A             J-508,057              315 SQN 
F-16A             FA-71,91,93,95         23 SM 
A-10A             82-0655/WR             91 TFS 
F-27M300          C-7                    334 SQN 
BUCCANEER S2B     XV355/355              208 SQN 
CASA 212A         T.12B-24/35-07         ALA 35 
F-16A             FA-94,90               31 SM 
F-16A             FA-70,80               31 SM 
F-16B             FB-01                  OCU
MIRAGE 5 BR       BR-24                  42 SM 
A-10A             80-0180/WR             91 TFS 
ALOUETTE 2        A-70                   BLA 
GL METEOR         EG-79/63-R             GATEGUARD 
SEAKING MK48      RS-05                  40 SM 
NF-5B		  K-4026		 KLu
CASA-101EB        E25-01/793-01          TEAM AQUILA 
CASA-101EB        E25-07/793-07          TEAM AQUILA 
CASA-101EB        E25-08/793-08          TEAM AQUILA 
CASA-101EB        E25-14/793-14          TEAM AQUILA 
CASA-101EB        E25-22/793-22          TEAM AQUILA 
CASA-101EB        E25-23/793-23          TEAM AQUILA 
CASA-101EB        E25-26/793-26          TEAM AQUILA 
CASA-101EB        E25-29/793-29          TEAM AQUILA 
T-37C             2404,2414,2430         ASAS DE PORTUGAL 
T-37C             2426,2429,2407         ASAS DE PORTUGAL 
T-37C             2406                   ASAS DE PORTUGAL 
HAWK T1           XX227,XX264,XX237      RED ARROWS 
HAWK T1           XX266,XX252,XX294      RED ARROWS 
HAWK T1           XX253,XX306,XX260      RED ARROWS 
HAWK T1           XX308                  RED ARROWS 

D-EDOL		  Jodel D120A	 	 Private
HB-HMA, HB-HMB	  PC-7			 Martini Display Team
HB-HMC	  	  PC-7			 Martini Display Team
HB-HPF		  PC-9			 Pilatus
OO-MDM            Aeronca 7AC            Robert Minoye
OO-OAA/R-213      Pa18-125               KLu c/s
OO-NSF            CP1310 C3              Mertens
OO-TAN            Pa18-135               NATO Flying Club
OO-VDS		  Jodel D1109		 Vanderstapen

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