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Brustem 1994

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Date: 17 September 1994

Made by: F

Updated: 30 November 2003

CF-05				SA.226 Merlin IIIA	15Wg/21Sm
CM-02				Falcon 20E		15Wg/21Sm
CH-07				C-130H			15Wg/20Sm
RS-04				MK.48 Sea King		15Wg/40Sm
FA-49				F-16A			1Wg/350Sm
FA-87				F-16A			10Wg/23Sm
FA-134				F-16A			2Wg/2Sm
AT-11				Alpha Jet		9Wg
AT-12				Alpha Jet		9Wg
AT-26				Alpha Jet		9Wg
H-26				A-109HA			18Regt
ST-33				SF-260MB		EVS 5Sm
ST-48				SF-260D			EVS 5Sm
BA-03				Mirage 5		Stored
BA-62				Mirage 5		Stored
B-10/LJ				BN-2A Islander		16Regt
LB-02				Piper L-21B		Lucht Cadetten
PL-70				RF-5B Fournier		Lucht Cadetten
PL-85				G-103A Twin Astir	Lucht Cadetten
FX-39				F-104G			GI
FT-24				T-33A			preserved
OO-LUK/1041			Stampe S-4		CIVIL
A-68				Alouette II		16Regt
A-37				Alouette II		UN c/s
MT-14				CM.170			9Wg/33Sm
MM62160				P.180AM Avanti		54RSV
D3B-03/C212-51-1-239/SAR	CN.212			801Esc
LX-N90448			E-3A			NAEWF
U-481				S-61A Sea King		722Esk
15229				Alpha Jet		103/301Esq
15235				Alpha Jet		103/301Esq
41+36				Alpha Jet		JBG-49
41+53				Alpha Jet		JBG-49
44+56				Tornado IDS		JBG-34
45+59				Tornado IDS		MFG-2
37+81				F-4F			JG-72
94+12				Mi-8TB			MHGrp
J-211				F-16B			322Sq
J-649				F-16B			323Sq
A-521				Alouette III		302Sq
B-44				Bo.105CB		299Sq
88-26068			UH-60A Black Hawk	7-227Avn
86-9029				AH-64A Apache		2-227Avn
81-23530			AH-1F Cobra		1-227Avn
91-0407/SP			F-16C			52FW/23FS
82-0656/SP			A-10A			52FW/510FS
2409				An.26			3DLP
0850				Mi.17			11VRP
2430				L-39ZA			11SLP
WJ986/EP			T.17A Canberra		360Sq
XX767/GE			GR.1A Jaguar		54Sq
XZ366/S				GR.1A Jagyar		41Sq
XX188/CG			T.1A Hawk		100Sq
XX258/PE			T.1A Hawk		19Sq
XX548/06			T.1 Bulldog		Londen UAS
ZF348/348			T.1 Tucano		3FTS
XX497/E				T.1 Jetstream		45Sq
ZA802/W				HT.3 Gazelle		2FTS
638/33-NU			F-1CR			ER02.033
60				BR.1050 Alizé		6F
3895/AOK			SA.342M Gazelle		7RHC
1576/ANI			SA.341F Gazelle		4RHCM

RS-04				MK.48 Sea King		15Wg/40Sm
CH-07				C-130H			15Wg/20Sm
CS-01				HS.748-Srs2A		15Wg/21Sm
A-81				Alu.II			16Regt
MT-36				CM.170			9Wg/33Sm
H-33				A-109HA			18Regt
OO-FOR/126965			AD-1 Skyraider		CIVIL
FA-107				F-16A			1Wg/350Sm
AT-03				Alpha Jet		9Wg			special c/s
AT-19				Alpha Jet		9Wg
AT-24				Alpha Jet		9Wg
AT-27				Alpha Jet		9Wg
AT-28				Alpha Jet		9Wg
AT-30				Alpha Jet		9Wg
AT-31				Alpha Jet		9Wg
ST-19				SF.260MB		EVS 5Sm
ST-26				SF.260MB		EVS 5Sm
ST-30				SF.260MB		EVS 5Sm
ST-34				SF.260MB		EVS 5Sm
ST-35				SF.260MB		EVS 5Sm
0004				L-39MS			1LSP
0836				Mi.24V			11VRP
0837				Mi.24V			11VRP
0838				Mi.24V			11VRP
0839				Mi.24V			11VRP
0928				Mi.24V			11VRP
64/33-FC			F-1C			EC.03/033
514/33-FU			F-1B			EC.03/033
1510/ATI			SA330B			2RHC/ALAT
E12/7-PR			Jaguar E		EC.02/007
E25/7-PK			Jaguar E		EC.02/007
37				F-8E			12F
38+33				F-4F			JG-74
45+79				Tornado IDS		JBG-32
46+12				Tornado IDS		MFG-2
J-251				F-16A			313Sq
C-8				F-27-300M		334Sq
L-08				PC-7			EMVO
50				Sukhoi 26M		CIVIL
XX244				Hawk T.1		234Sq
ZG512				Harrier GR.7		4Sq
ZG859				Harrier GR.7		4Sq
81-0966/SP			A-10A			52FW/510FS
E.25-13/3			Casa 101ED		Patrulla Aquila
E.25-14/4			Casa 101ED		Patrulla Aquila
E.25-25/5			Casa 101ED		Patrulla Aquila
E.25-06/6			Casa 101ED		Patrulla Aquila
E.25-07/7			Casa 101ED		Patrulla Aquila
E.25-08/8			Casa 101ED		Patrulla Aquila
E.25-23/10			Casa 101ED		Patrulla Aquila
E.25-27/11			Casa 101ED		Patrulla Aquila

FT-24				T-33A			preserved
FU-28				F-84F			preserved
FU-82				F-84F			preserved
FU-92				F-84F			preserved
FU-105				F-84F			preserved
EG-79/RS-2			Meteor			Gate Guard
TE.12B-41/79-94			Casa 212		Ala.79
T.19B-18/35-36			CN.235			Ala.35
E35/7-PM			Jaguar E		EC.02/007
29				F-8E			12F

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