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Brustem 1996

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Date: 8 September 1996

Made by:

Updated: 2 January 2011

ALPHA JET      		AT-16,25        	9 W                 
ALPHA JET               AT-32                   9 W                 
ALPHA JET               AT-23,30,15,29          9 W                 
ALPHA JET               AT-20,24,26             9 W                 
ALPHA JET               AT-03 	       	        9 W                 
S-58C                   B4/OT-ZKD               -                   
MIRAGE 5 BA             BA-03                   PRESERVED           
SA.226 MERLIN           CF-06                   21 SM               
C-130H                  CH-07                   20 SM               
C-130H                  CH-10                   20 SM               
FALCON 20E              CM-01                   21 SM               
C-130H                  CH-01,08,12             20 SM               
HS-748                  CS-03                   21 SM        AFB 626
Meteor F8	        EG-79                                       
F-16A                   FA-90                   31 SM               
F-16A                   FA-98                   2 SM                
F-16A                   FA-95                   349 SM              
RF-84F                  FR-33                   PRESERVED           
T-33                    FT-24                   PRESERVED           
F-84F		        FU-28, FU-82, FU-105                        
F-84F                   FU-154                  PRESERVED           
F-104G                  FX-04                   HANGAAR             
F-104G                  FX-39                   PRESERVED           
ALOUETTE II             G-94                    Gendarmerie         
A-109                   H-27                    BLA                 
L-21B                   LB-05                   LUCHT CAD.          
CM-170R                 MT-14,35                33 SM               
CM-170R                 MT-37                   33 SM               
CM-170R                 MT-04,13                33 SM               
CM-170R                 MT-44,48                33 SM               
CM-170R                 MT-40                	33 SM               
Schleicher ASK-21       PL-40                   LUCHT CAD.          
GROB G102       	PL-72                   LUCHT CAD.          
SEAKING MK48            RS-04                   40 SM              
SF-260MB                ST-12                   5 SM               
SF-260                  ST-22,35                5 SM               
F-84                    TP-25                   PRESERVED          
ALPHA JET      	        E29/314-TM      	GE 00.314          
ALPHA JET               E23/0                   P. DE FRANCE       
ALPHA JET               E141/1                  P. DE FRANCE       
ALPHA JET               E89/2                   P. DE FRANCE       
ALPHA JET               E140/3                  P. DE FRANCE       
ALPHA JET               E104/4                  P. DE FRANCE       
ALPHA JET               E173/5                  P. DE FRANCE       
ALPHA JET               E105/6                  P. DE FRANCE       
ALPHA JET               E97/7                   P. DE FRANCE       
ALPHA JET               E37/8                   P. DE FRANCE       
ALPHA JET               E106/9                  P. DE FRANCE       
FALCON 10 MER           101                     3 S                
JAGUAR E                E19/7-PN                EC 02.007          
JAGUAR E                E37/7-PQ                EC 02.007          
MIRAGE 2000C            13/2-FT                 EC 02.002          
MIRAGE 2000B            511/2-FH                EC 02.002          
F-8P                    7                       12 F               
F-4F                    3744                    JG 73              
F-4F                    3834                    JG 73              
TORNADO        	        4441            	JBG 31             
TORNADO                 4550                    MFG 2              
UH-1D                   7113                    FBS          GAF005
MB-339PAN               MM54475/1               313 GR             
MB-339PAN               MM54551/2               313 GR             
MB-339PAN               MM54484/3               313 GR             
MB-339PAN               MM54500/4               313 GR             
MB-339PAN               MM54536/5               313 GR             
MB-339PAN               MM54483/7               313 GR             
MB-339PAN               MM54445/8               313 GR             
MB-339PAN               MM54477/9               313 GR             
MB-339PAN               MM54479/10              313 GR             
MB-339PAN               MM54485/11              313 GR             
MB-339PAN               MM54517/12              313 GR             
E-3A                    LX-N90446               NAEWF              
PC-7                    L-03,07                 EMVO               
DHC-2                   G-BUVF			Marked "S-9"       
CN-235                  T19-B13/35-31           ALA 35             
C-101 EB                E25-28/79-28/1          AQUILA             
C-101 EB        	E25-21/79-21/2          AQUILA                
C-101 EB                E25-13/79-13/3          AQUILA                
C-101 EB                E25-14/79-14/4          AQUILA                
C-101 EB                E25-23/79-23/5          AQUILA                
C-101 EB                E25-27/79-27/6          AQUILA                
C-101 EB                E25-25/79-25/7          AQUILA                
C-101 EB                E25-07/79-07/8          AQUILA                
F-5E                    J-3081,3090             P. DE SUISSE          
F-5E                    J-3083,3084             P. DE SUISSE          
F-5E           	        J-3085,3087     	P. DE SUISSE          
F-5E                    J-3091                  P. DE SUISSE          
LEARJET 35A             T-781                   -            STACK 781
BULLDOG T1              XX540/15                3 FTS                 
BULLDOG T1              XX638	       	        special c/s           
DOMINIE T1              XS738/U                 3 FTS                 
HAWK T1                 XX290/DV                208 SQN               
HAWK T1A                XX227,306               RED ARROWS            
HAWK T1A                XX252,253               RED ARROWS            
HAWK T1                 XX237,294,308           RED ARROWS            
HAWK T1                 XX233,307,292           RED ARROWS            
HERCULES C1             XV297/297               LTW                   
JAGUAR GR1A             XX974/GH                54 SQN                
JAGUAR T2               XX835/FY                41 SQN                
JETSTREAM T1            XX496/D                 45 SQN                
SPITFIRE MK9            MH434 G-ASJV            -                     
TORNADO F3              ZE162/FK                25 SQN                
TUCANO T1               ZF446/446               1 FTS                 
TUCANO T1               ZF417/417               1 FTS                 
A-10A                   81-0988/SP              81 FS                 
KC-135R                 57-1456                 100 ARW               
F-15C                   84-0027/SP              53 FS                 
F-15C                   84-0023/SP              53 FS                 
A-6E                    164382/AA-500           VA-75                 
F-14B                   163224/AA-201           VF-103                
F(A)-18C                163444/AA-312           VFA-83                
METEOR NF11             WM167                   G-LOSM                
BLENHEIM        	10038/XD-A              -                     
Hunter F58              G-BWFS	       		"XL741", ex J-4058
C-53D		        N49AG                   "K-16/OT-CWG"
Harvard		        OO-DAF                  "H50"
Skyraider               OO-FOR                                    

Plus the following 21 F-16s in a 50th Anniversary formation:
FA50		FA61		FA68
FA69		FA70		FA81
FA83		FA84		FA94
FA103		FA101		FA106
FA108		FA112		FA117
FA119		FA121		FA125
FA127		FA129		FA130

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