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Chièvres 1985

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Date: 29 June 1985

Made by: Martin Herbert


AT33              Alpha Jet E         VVS BAF 
BR04              Mirage 5BR          42Sm BAF 
FA09              F16A                349Sm BAF 
133315            CT133N              1CAG CAF 
504/2-EG          Mirage 2000B        EC1/2 FAF 
XZ965/AM          Harrier GR3         3sq RAF 
ZA463/GL          Tornado GR1         20sq RAF 
81-0737/HR        F16A                50TFW USAF 
74-1055/SP        F4E                 23TFS USAF 
81-0943/WR        A10A                81TFW USAF 
01625             CH53C               601TAS USAF 
80—0014/BT        F15C                36TFW USAF 
68-0082/UH        F111E               79TFS USAF 
15971             AH1S                -- USAr 
15867             CH47D               108AvCo USAr 
18905             OV1D                73MiCo USAr 
16929             UH1H                229AvDet USAr 
0-21664           UH1V                63MedDet USAr 
41+42             Alpha Jet A         JBG43 WGAF 
35+39             RF4E                AG52 WGAF 

A-53              SE3130              SLV BAr 
20/2-EL           Mirage 2000C        EC1/2 FAF 
LX-N90457         E3A                 NAEWF NATO 
C-6               F27-300M            334sq RNLAF 
81-0977/WR        A10A                81TFW USAF 
79-0069/BT        F15C                36TFW USAF 
68-0063/UH        F111E               79TFS USAF 
91713             KC10A               2BW USAF 
17979             SR71A               9SRW USAF 
…                 TR1A                95TRS USAF 

FA34              F16A                349Sm BAF 
B-7/LG            BN2A                15Sm BAr 
XV806/AA          Harrier Gr3         3sq RAF 
80-0272/WR        A10A                81TFW USAF 
74-1044/SP        F4E                 23TFS USAF 
0-15608           UH1H                357AvDet USAr 
21618             UH1H                357AvDet USAr 


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