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Chièvres 1988

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Chiévres Open House
Date: 26 June 1988
Made by: Frank Klaster, Scramble
Updated:  12 January 2016
A-92 Alouette II BLA  
BA26 Mirage VBA 1sm  
FA83 F-16A 23sm  
FA90 F-16A 31sm  
A8/11-EB Jaguar A EC1/11  
A107/11-ER Jaguar A EC1/11  
10/12-KG Mirage F-1C EC3/12  
14/12-YG Mirage F-1C EC1/12  
40+36 Alpha Jet A JBG43  
40+48 Alpha Jet A JBG43  
80+27 Bo-105M HFK-3  
37+94 F-4F JBG35  
44+88 Tornado IDS JBG33  
45+08 Tornado IDS JBG33  
161221 TA-7H 345 Mira  
242 F-5B 336 Skv  
304 F-16B 332 Skv  
LX-N90448 E-3A NAEWF  
A-542 SE3160 GpLV  
5546 TA-7P Esq 302  
XX261/261 Hawk T1A 234sq  
XZ112/32 Jaguar GR1A 2sq  
XV489/AU Phantom FGR2 43sq  
ZD811/DF Tornado GR1 31sq  
67-0216/1-216 F-4E 111 Filo  
5945/6-945 TF-104G 161 Filo  
68-0217 C-5A 436th MAW  
81-0227/WR A-10A 92nd TFS  
81-0992/WR A-10A 92nd TFS  
82-0656/WR A-10A 92nd TFS  
71-0876 C-9A 55th AAS  
69-0247/SP F-4G 81st TFS  
84-0008/BT F-15C 53rd TFS  
84-0025/BT F-15D 53rd TFS  
84-1283/HR F-16C 10th TFS  
84-1271/HR F-16C 10th TFS  
86-0262/SP F-16C 81st TFS  
66-0015/UH EF-111A 42nd ECS  
68-0007/UH F-111E 77th TFS  
68-0011/UH F-111E 77th TFS  
80-1081 TR-1A 95th RS  
84-24296 AH-64A US Army  
82-237261 UH-60A 63rd MedDet  
87-24646 UH-60A US Army  
71-21003 AH-1S US Army  
81-23540 UH-60A US Army  
  UH-60A US Army hangared


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