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Chièvres 2024

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Chièvres (Belgium)

Shape International Air Fest 2024

29 June 2024

Static Display:
CT04 A400M 20sq  
FA77 F-16AM 10w  
ST48 SF260M+ CC Air  
6070 L-159A  
114 F-16C 330 Mira  
125 F-16C 330 Mira  
01 H145M MH 86.HE  
4080 F-16D 31.BLT (3 & 6.elt)  
26901 (K)C-390 Esq506  
2701 C-27J Esc.902 AvTr Oper si Foto  
78 IAR330L SOCAT Esc.713 Elicoptere SOCAT 128
81 IAR330L SOCAT Esc.713 Elicoptere SOCAT 136
84-0096 C-21A 76th AS  
11-5740/RS C-130J-30 37th AS  
22-03473 AH-64E 1-3rd AVN  
D-HNHW H145 HSG64  
H28 A109BAi 1w  
H46 A109BAi 1w Special colours
ST02 SF260M+ CC Air  
ST15 SF260M+ CC Air  
ST20 SF260M+ CC Air  
ST23 SF260M+ CC Air  
ST25 SF260M+ CC Air  
9242 JAS39C Tiger tail
0718 W-3A 243 vrl  
78+30 NH90-TTH THR10  
C-FPSH Do-228 RAF Falcons  
N620AR C-212DF Private  

Credits: Nick Andrews 

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